Caught on cam – 5 tigers now confirmed at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

“Tiger, tiger burning bright

In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? “

(A stanza from William Blake’s ‘The Tiger’ an apt way to describe this royal animal)

The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary of Sattari is again in the news for the presence of almost five tigers in it. The camera trap technology used by the forest officials of wildlife division took pictures of five different tigers.pic-3_081916041746.jpgtiger tillari

This time the authorities, with the help of trekkers, put the camera trap in areas where tiger movements were most likely. After working for many days and nights, they were successful in getting the pictures of one male, two females and two cubs.

Vitthal Shelke, an activist with Wildlife Rescue in Sattari said, “There is no doubt that tigers moving in the Mhadei region are residents since repeated camera trap pictures have indicated that the area is a favourable natural habitat for the big cats”.


The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary a 208.5-km2  protected area in the Western Ghats. A biodiversity hotspot near the town of Valpoi, North Goa. This sanctuary is being considered as Project Tiger tiger reserve because of the presence of resident Bengal tigers.

Infomation credits: The Times of India and Wikipedia

Photo credit: The Goan, DailyO

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