Goa Police removing tinted window film

Tinted windows among other driving offences to be curbed starting today


According to the Road Traffic Office, there are four major causes of road accidents in Goa – and for the next two weeks, the police will be out in full force to curb these violations. Starting today till May 18, Goa Traffic Police will be stopping and fining motorists driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, using mobile phones, or employing tinted glasses on their vehicles.

The drive which aims to instil discipline among drivers will be exercised strictly. Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Dharmesh Angle said, “We stick to offences that are responsible for maximum accidents on the road. These four violations are directly linked to accidents, which is why these offences will be given maximum attention during the drive.”

For those who are found driving with tinted windows, the cars will be stopped, and the film will be peeled off on the spot. So if you’re thinking that this summer will be a good time to get your windows tinted, you may want to use the money to invest in a good pair of shades instead. In a statement issued by the Goa Traffic Cell on Tuesday, officials said that the spot removal of the tinted film is in compliance with Supreme Court directives.

The traffic cell has already booked over 31,000 cases of vehicles having tinted windows, making it one of the highest traffic offences in the state. Angle said, “during the election code of conduct, we have already booked the maximum number of cases of tinted glasses.” The reason given for the sudden concern is to keep a vigil on vehicles passing through and around the state in view of the Lok Sabha Elections.

What are your opinions on the Special Traffic Drive? Do you think there are more grievous offences that need to be addressed instead of tinted windows? Let us know in the comments below.