Top Bird watching hotspots in Goa

In Goa you never really need an alarm clock. The main reason being is that you are usually awoken by the bakers bicycle horn at just the right time, while the second wakeup call comes courtesy of the village chapel bells. If you still have not risen from your slumber, then the birds whistling in the trees will definitely get you out of bed.

After you take a few moments to listen to the melodious chirping of the birds, you will also be amazed when you look out of your window to view the beautiful colours of their feathers. Repeat this exercise for a few days and you will soon be hooked. From the traditional Goan Bulbul to the kingfisher and the crow, there is something special about each and every one of these creatures.

Whether you are a local or a tourist visiting the state, you can be sure that there is always somewhere new to explore in Goa. If you are a bird enthusiast here are a few places that you should add to your list of places to visit:

  • The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary (Ponda taluka)
  • The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary (Sanguem taluka)
  • The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary (Sattari taluka)
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (Chorao)

Apart from these well kept habitats, there are also places on the Goa map which posses an exciting array of bird watching hot spots. These include:

Dona Paula Plateau

The plateau in Dona Paula is one place for bird watching anoraks. The greenery of the hills and mountains makes it a popular destination for bird lovers. The ashy-crowned finch lark is one such species you can find here.

Batim Lake

At Batim Lake you can be sure to spot unique birds such as the cotton pygmy goose, spot billed goose, and waders.

Divar Island

Travelling to Divar Island is an adventure in itself, but for bird enthusiasts there is an added bonus in spotting birds as diverse as harriers, pipits and many water birds.

Zuari River

The Zuari River trip is worth taking. On this boat trip you will get the feel of a real safari. Apart from spotting crocodiles, you will see white-bellied sea eagles, Terek Sandpipers and Eurasion Curlews.

Siolim rice fields

The view of Siolim rice fields is a real sight to behold, especially during the monsoons when rice paddy is being grown. Here you will bump into open-billed storks, little pranticoles and herons.

These are just some of the places that should be on your radar when scouring for bird watching hotspots in Goa.  Also very recently many books have been released on birds in Goa, which could make you a bird expert in just one weekend and give you a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

Do you know of any other locations in Goa where you can go bird watching? Do let us know!


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