Top Restaurants Near Benaulim To Enjoy A Lovely Dinner

1. Joecons Beach Shack – A Top restaurants near Benaulim

Joecons Beach Shack, Benaulim (Image: Tripadvisor) 

Starting the list of top restaurants near Benaulim is Joecons Beach Shack. It’s a nice restaurant located right on the shores of the beautiful Benaulim beach.  It is a great place to spend time with family and friends. It has a very nice ambience with some relaxing live music playing in the background. The proximity to the shore only adds to the overall dining experience of the restaurant. 

The cocktails at the bar are fantastic. One must try the Camino Silver tequila or the grey goose vodka. The food over here is exceptional. The loose calamari appetiser is spicy and delicious. The Fish Rawa fry is also tasty, and the beef steak with pepper sauce is simply outstanding. The crab soup, fish fingers, and fish curry rice are also very delicious and beautifully prepared. 


2. Esco’s Sun and Moon, Benaulim  


Next on the list of top restaurants near Benaulim is Esco’s Sun and Moon. It’s  another nice restaurant situated on the beach. You can watch the sun descend into the waters during the evenings while sipping a delicious cocktail at this restaurant. This place is highly rated because of the friendly staff, the wonderful service and the delicious food served. Set back from the shore, the atmosphere and the food at this beach shack will blow your mind away. Many travellers from around the world visit this place. The restaurant has lounge seats on the beach and provides beach towels for those who arrive after taking a dip in the waters. The restaurant serves seafood, Indian and Asian cuisine. The chicken tikka served with fries and salad is truly delicious. The fish and chips are also highly recommended. 

3. Three Kisses Bar & Restaurant 

Three Kisses Restaurant (Image: Tripadvisor) 

This is one of the restaurants in the area that serves the finest local cuisine. The service provided over here is simply outstanding. Tinho, the restaurant’s owner, is one of the nicest individuals you’ll ever meet. He’s been running the restaurant for many years now. His forte is Goan cuisine and local booze.  

One must try his newly launched Thali to get a quick taste of the local flavours. Other delicacies that one can’t afford to miss out on include Bombay Duck, Crabs, and Sole Fish. The quality and quantity of the food served is excellent. This is a must-visit restaurant for local cuisine. 

4. Gigi Park 

Gigi Park, Benaulim (Image: Tripadvisor) 

This restaurant is just 200 metres away from Taj Exotica Benaulim. Although the restaurant specialises mainly in seafood, it offers many excellent vegetarian dishes as well.  

One must try the masala coated Pomfret Fish with Mashed Potatoes as well as the spicy Garlic & Red Sauce coated Prawns. Both dishes are delicious and have an extravagant flavour. The Goan Fish Curry available over here is very authentic and delicious. The staff is very friendly and go out of their way to tend to all your needs. 

5. Miguel Arcanjo 

Dining hall at Miguel Arcanjo Restaurant, Benaulim (Image: Tripadvisor) 

Last on the list of top restaurants near Benaulim is Miguel Arcanjo Restaurant. This restaurant is situated within the premises of the lavish Taj Exotica Hotel at Benaulim. It is an excellent place to enjoy traditional Goan cuisine in a stunning setting with a view of the Arabian Sea. The service provided at the restaurant is outstanding! The manager and the staff at the restaurant are very courteous and helpful. The restaurant features a live kitchen where guests can see the chefs preparing their delicious meals. The seafood used in preparing the dishes is sourced freshly from the sea. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

For breakfast, one must try their delicious French style omelettes stuffed with a choice of spinach, mushroom, chorizo or cheese. Their kaiserchmarrn inspired pancakes, served with a choice of fruit mousse or fruits and syrup, is another good option. 

For lunch or dinner, one could start their meal with appetizers such as chicken skewers grilled in garlic, coriander and coconut milk. For the main course, one must try the kingfish steak Cafreal which is specially cooked on a Tawa. One can complement their meal with their special Salad Mista, consisting of handpicked tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and bell peppers garnished with a dressing of toddy vinegar. Chicken lovers must try the frango assado chicken served with mashed potatoes and organic vegetables. One can end their sumptuous meal with a few scoops of bebinca ice cream dessert.  

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