Toronto celebrates Goa


The Goan Overseas Association (GOA) an NGO recently organised a two-day Viva Goa festival in Toronto Canada highlighting the unique culture of the state.

An annual and colossal event that brings the entire community together over food, music and unlimited fun, while marking the Goan vibrancy and zestful life which Goa is known for, said Selwyn Collaco, President of Goa Overseas Association.

The festival also highlighted the immigrant Goan identity and heritage that made its mark in Canada. The spotlight shone on the music, culture and cuisine, all three aspects Goa is famous for!

The event started off with  singing the National Anthem followed by a grand parade. Goan songs, folk dances and rain dances kept everyone entertained throughout the day. The Indian Consul General of Toronto, Dinesh Bhatia also graced the occasion, congratulating the People of Indian Origin (PIOs) for their exceptional ability to organise and meet on such a large scale to celebrate the rich culture. Award winning actor Palomi Ghosh, debutante heroine from the Konkani movie Nachom-ia Kumpasar performed a few numbers on stage along with the famous band, Goa Amigos.

“It was a great opportunity to meet up with all and celebrate together. It was all entertainment and fun. I just loved the food and music amongst all,”said Jerry Lobo, one of the organisers of the event.

Goan dishes such as sorpotel, sannas and ‘chourico-pao’ played an important role as hungry participants queued up for a scrumptious meal. In addition, to meet the Goan love for football the local Goan squad championed the friendly, yet very competitive match against the Toronto Police Blue Soccer team.


Image Credits: Canadian Immigrants