First traffic speed detector installed at Miramar, Panaji

As part of a pilot project, the first traffic speed detector was recently installed at Dayanand Bandodkar Marg in Miramar, Panaji.  The speed detectors automatically snap up pictures of the vehicle and their registration number plate if the vehicle crosses the given speed limit on that road.

Speaking to The Goan, Business Development Officer of Logix ITS India explained the system and its functionality. “The first is a radar speed gun with a sign that tells you your speed. If your speed is above the limit and you continue to maintain that speed a second enforcer speed camera will snap up a picture of your vehicle and your number plates offering the police data on traffic violators who can then be challaned.” Radar speed guns are installed with cameras that flash when any vehicle is over speeding. This acts as a signal to inform the driver that he is over-speeding and needs to slow down as a safety measure.

The BDO further stated that if the vehicle continues to over-speed, then the speed camera automatically generates a challan for the overspeeding vehicle.  He says the goal of installing these devices for controlling over-speeding traffic is to improve safety on roads in Goa.


Police in Goa currently grappling with a rising number of traffic fatalities.  The installation of speed cameras took place on 26th April 2017 at 6.30 pm. Within 15 hours of installation, the camera captured 1500 speed violators on camera. The report stated that vehicles were driving at 80 kmph on the Dayanand Bandodkar Marg where the speed limit is only 40 kmph.

The question is whether these speed cameras will work?

“It’s a 15-day trial set up by the company to prove its prowess to Goa Police. The machine is equipped with night vision, a camera and a speed gun. If this succeeds, they will consider installing these along all major roads and we will begin issuing challans according to the readings. You will be warned to slow down as you approach. Machines will be installed along the major roads as per the notified speed limit,” Panaji Traffic Police Inspector Brendan de Souza said.

According to the report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, speeding accounted for 2,40,463 accidents in 2015, which killed 64,633 people and injured 2,53,852 people. World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised ‘Speeding’ as one of the five risk factors in road accidents.

Recent accidents in Goa have drawn the attention of the State government to speeding, sending the government and traffic police scurrying to make roads in Goa safer.  

Information credit: The Goan


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