Unique things to do in Goa during the monsoon


The air in Goa changes during the monsoon. It smells different and feels different. The surroundings are engulfed by a green layer. There are a few things that can only be done during the monsoons in Goa. Rains bring in a lot to cheer about. It is essential to enjoy it while it lasts.

Eating corncob – After the first few rains, carts selling corncob begin to sprout much like the green grass does. The business is convenient for both the buyer and the seller, because it is easy to set up and customers do not have to wait long to munch onto their delicious corn. It is also a very healthy street food.


  • The process – Raw corns are displayed for the buyers to choose the one they want to eat.
  • The corn is than roasted on burning coals.
  • Once the corn is cooked; spices and lemon juice is sprinkled over them to add flavour and Voila!
  • Your corn is ready to eat. Simple, no?

Swimming in traditional water tanks – With the onset of monsoon these tanks fill up with rain water. Children from the locality start going to the tank for a swim. Some of them are so popular that people don’t mind traveling some distance to get to them. The water in them is not used for drinking purposes. They can be refereed to as ‘swimming pools of the past’.

The tanks are either dedicated to a local deity or for the community to use. The ones dedicated to the deity should be avoided. Swimming in these tanks is prohibited and may earn you the wrath of the villagers. However, plenty of other tanks that are available without any restrictions. Usually many Goan boys learn to swim in these Traditional water tanks.


Sao Joao – Celebrated on June 24 every year. The festival is one of the important Christian festivals celebrated in Goa. Men of all ages celebrate it by jumping into wells, ponds, lakes, rivers. Women take part in it as well. Festival celebration in Siolim are very popular.

Trek – Sattari taluka is a very good area for a trek during the monsoon. It has many waterfalls such as Sada, Surla, Arvalem, Kalsa. The routes lead into the dense jungle but pathways make it easy to stay on the right track. While trekking many cascades can be encountered, besides a few houses.


The area is a popular picnic spot among the locals. Many tourists also make their way to these remote locations and get mesmerised by the natural beauty of the place. There aren’t any tar roads that lead to the waterfalls. Hence one has to trek to get to these locations.


Bonderam – The festival is unique to the island of Divar in Goa. It is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August every year. The story around the festival name is that two wards of the village had frequent fights over property. To avoid this situation, demarcations using flags were created. Unfortunately these were often knocked down by rivals. The dispute is settled now.


A similar scene is created at the festival but now it is done for the sake of amusement and remembering the village history. The villagers create an atmosphere of carnival. Each ward from the village has their own float at the festival parade.

These activities are unique to Goa and more importantly unique to monsoon. So to be a part of that experience is unique itself. Everyone comes to Goa during new years and summers but come see the real Goa during the monsoon. Interact with the people, share what they experience, become one with the land. There is ‘Goa’ waiting to be explored beyond commercialisation.

If you know about any unique activity in Goa that can only happen during the monsoon. Do let us know in the comments!