This Ganesh Chaturthi, take a loan from the Utensils Bank of Goa

With the celebration of the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi on Monday, the long weekend is looking rather eventful. As Hindus across Goa excitedly clean and ready their house to welcome Lord Ganesh, preparations are on to prepare sweets and a variety of traditional dishes to feed the constant stream of family and friends that will be coming by to extend their wishes. Every day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival week (or more) is like a mini party. It’s not uncommon for families to reunite after months or years during this auspicious time of the year, which makes the celebration even more special. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of emphasis on celebrating festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi in a more eco-friendly manner by buying clay idols or using banana leaves for serving guests. This year, if you live in Margao, you have another option. You can cater your family party or event using utensils borrowed from the Utensils Bank of Goa initiative by Prerna Agrawal; and the best part, it’s absolutely free!

Utensils Bank of Goa for Ganesh Chaturthi by Prerna Agarwal
Prerna Agarwal, the founder of Utensils Bank of Goa (pic from Facebook)

Banking on the environment

Started by Prerna Agrawal, the Utensils Bank of Goa is a not-for-profit initiative where you can borrow stainless steel plates, tumblers, bowls, and spoons for your event, absolutely free. The only catch? You need to wash it before returning it. Hardly seems like a catch when you have the opportunity to do your part to part to save the environment! The utensils were bought brand new a few months ago in March and since then, Prerna and her family have helped cater dozens of parties and events.
The system is simple. If you’re planning a party or event, give Prerna a call on 8554992732. Ask her about the availability of the utensils for your event, and pick them up accordingly. There is no deposit to pay, nothing. Just your assurance that it will all be returned clean. So supportive is Prerna’s family, that her husband and children also take bookings when she is not around. As of now, Prerna has 100 plates, 200 bowls, 100 spoons, 100 tumblers.

An initiative to be a part of

Prerna Agrawal started the Utensils Bank of Goa initiative back in March of this year, and it has been gathering steam mainly through word of mouth. Though she has a page on Facebook, most of her bookings come through direct phone calls after having been recommended. Prerna is happy to go out of her way to do her bit to save the environment but is also very open in encouraging others to do their part as well. In an interview with Bharati Pawaskar of The Goan, Prerna says, “Can’t we do something that gives us pure joy? Is everything done keeping in mind the returns and the benefits?”

Utensils Bank of Goa for Ganesh Chaturthi by Prerna Agarwal
Chhavi Goyal catered her party with utensils borrowed from the Utensils Bank of Goa (pic from Facebook)

Prerna is looking to extend the Utensils Bank of Goa to other cities as well since as of now she only operates in Margao. If volunteers are willing to come forward, Prerna says that she will happily buy all the required utensils needed to start another operation in Panjim, Mapusa, Vasco and Ponda, so that people don’t have to travel so far to pick up and return the utensils. In the same interview, she says, “disposables generate waste which ultimately degrades our environment, and poses danger to our planet. Let’s stop this and instead contribute towards conserving nature.” We’re with you on that Prerna!

To contact the Utensils Bank of Goa, call Prerna Agrawal on 8554992732, or visit her page of Facebook.

What do you think of this wonderful initiative? Do you think you could be a part of the change as well? Let us know in the comments below, and have a Blessed Ganesh Chathurthi!

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