Vagator Beach Goa – Directions, Activities, Nightlife, Shopping


One of the most lovely beaches of Goa; it follows the rave tradition with western backpackers all around. Surrounded by springs on one facet and shopping stalls on the other side. Clean and serene it is the seaside crammed with thrill, music, dance and loads of foreigners. Vagator beach Goa is adorned with picturesque red cliffs that look down to two freshwater springs that are a stone’s throw distance from the sea. The beach is mainly divided by a seaside headland which acts as a prime spot for car parking and several small stalls that sell clothes, food and an assortment of trinkets and souvenirs. When facing the sea from the headland, on the right lies the North Vagator Beach or locally known as ‘Big Vagator’, while on the left lies the Ozran Beach or what is known as ‘Little Vagator Beach’.

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Things to Do at Vagator Beach Goa
This beach is famous for its rave parties which keep on going till the wee hours of the night. If you are a party going person; then this is the place for you.
Every Saturday, a Flea market is held by Germans on this beach. It is the most vibrant and longest flea market in Goa. Almost everything you can shop is sold here. It’s something like a shop till you drop. Try out Robert’s place which is open and which sells chilled out drinks. It is quite popular amongst foreign tourists.

This place is also known for Vagator’s Thalassa – on the cliff overlooking Ozran Beach which sells yummy Greek food. It is so popular that it is almost always full; so book a table before you go to Thalassa.
Some of Goa’s most famous Open Air Clubs are located here in Vagator beach. Try out Hilltop and Primrose for a change or a good late night party on the beach.

Just thirty kilometres from Vagator is another beautiful beach – ARAMBOL. It’s not a very well known popular beach but can make for a good evening walk. One can easily reach this place by taxi.

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Shopping in Vagator Beach Goa
Shopping at Vagator’s flea market can be more than a thrill. This market is filled with almost everything – artificial jewellery, designer jewellery, designer dresses, shoes, bracelets, designer bags, souvenirs, food items, crockery, caps, scarves, stoles, soft toys and what not. The list is endless. As the Saturday Flea market is quite lengthy and crowded; it takes around 2 – 3 hours to completely shop around. One can also eat at the small eateries in the market or simply move back to the hotel for good goan dishes.

How to Reach Vagator Beach Goa
By air one needs to first reach Goa Airport. A number of carriers take you to Goa. From Goa airport Vagator beach is an hour’s drive which can be covered by taxi. Take a pre – paid taxi or get your tour operator arrange one for you. The nearest railway stations are Tivim, Maragao and Vasco da Gama. From all these three railway stations, it takes half an hour to reach the beach by taxi.

Tips for Traveller in Vagator Beach
Vagator beach is one of the most happening beaches of Goa. It calls for thousands of travellers each year making it one of the busiest beaches. So, keep an eye on the cash you are carrying. Keep it as low as possible. Instead use cash cards and credit cards. Beware of touts and to be on the safer side avoid them. Take the help of your guide or tour operator wherever possible. Keep a good eye on your kids and do not allow them to stray away from sight. Tell your kids not to befriend strangers un-necessarily. Always keep the Police number and Ambulance number fed into your mobile and use it in case of emergencies. Do not eat at barren places and do not take anything to eat and drink from strangers.

In case you need to change your currency; it is best to go to banks or MoneyGram or Travelex for the same. Local people DO NOT HAVE FOREIGN CURRENCY; so do not not believe anyone if he says that he keeps foreign currency and can exchange it for you. To travel to nearby beaches and market; it is best to hire a bike as it will be very economical and better than taking a taxi especially if you are a group of youngsters or a small family and intend to stay more than a week.

Nearby Attractions in Vagator Beach
Anjuna beach is the nearest beach. Anjuna happens to be one the most happening beaches which too is famous for its flea market, night rave parties and water sports activities. Next beach is Arpora which is also very near Vagator. Arpora is known for its flea market organised by Germans who reside on the beach. In Vagator beach there is Disco Valley where outdoor parties are held every Christmas and New Year. Enjoy the parties which are quite known amongst locals as well as tourists.