Found 43 kilometres away from the capital of Goa, Panjim, is the small city known to find in itself the Hivrem, Kumthal and Charvane waterfalls. Valpoi, it is. The city that has won favor in the eyes of trekkers for its splendid, thrilling trails. The trails may seem tough to walk through but nonetheless, it will make you want to give it the shot. Mind you, the trail is indeed lengthy. It estimates to a 9 kilometer one-way trail which would require, as believed, a whole day to complete it. For trek lovers and hikers, it definitely would sound like something they just have to get their feet on. The slippery rocks, brushy thorns and bushes that lie between you and the waterfall, most certainly don’t stand in your way. The inviting waterfall wins all the attention. Scary or tough as it may look or sound, getting there is not unconquerable.

Tempting as it may sound, for beginners, it’s not such a wise place to begin an adventure at! Nearby and way easier to visit is the Kumthal waterfall. The trail that leads you to it is not very exhausting. And merely a 4 kilometers to make it there. Also worth mentioning, is the uniqueness about this place; that is, it is surrounded by streams which just adds a bonus. The other waterfall, Chavane, is just slightly tougher to get to in comparison to Kumthal. Something really good to explore while you’re here, is to rope across the waterfall. Really! You got to try it. But in simple, these waterfalls are up to the mark of attraction. Easy or not-so-easy the trip to get there, just the accomplishment will matter. Because through the accomplishment, you find the hidden beauty. The hidden beauty that wins your soul.

Valpoi Goa