From Sangodd to Vangodd de Saligao


Every year Goa takes immense pleasure in celebrating Sao Joao. The joy you see on everyone’s faces during this festival is something unique which you wouldn’t see during other festivals. People from all communities take part in the celebrations. The villages of Socorro and Siolim are the one’s who usually celebrate Sao Joao on the grandest scale, the village of Saligao seems to be joining the party.

Vangodd de Saligao

In Saligao it is no different!  For the first time Saligao will be celebrating the arrival of the monsoons in a different way. The celebration will be held on 26th June, 2016. According to Fr Matheus- the main motive of the celebration is to bring all the people together, hence the name Vangodd de Saligao.

The man behind this idea is none other than the Parish Priest of Saligao, Fr.Matheus Rodrigues, with the help of Marius Fernandes. Marius has been actively involved in cultural festivals in Goa since moving here from the United Kingdom. According to them the festival is going to be organized very differently. To know more about how different the festival is going to be I would personally advise each one of you to get to Mae De Deus church in Saligao on Sunday at 11am.

The Theme

The theme of the festival is ‘Treat water as Gold’. The villagers will be told about the importance of water and how to use it wisely. There will be prayers offered to God to thank him for sending rain and to pray for sufficient rainfall.

The Events Planned

On Saturday, June 25th there will be a kopel making workshop. The workshop will be organized in the church compound where all recyclable and locally available materials will be used.

Vangodd de Saligao that will be organized on Sunday will have NO Plastic, NO Sponsors, NO Chief Guest, NO prizes, NO Competitions and definitely NO Alcohol. The idea is for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.

The villagers will be getting together to put up Konkani music, dances and some skits as well as cooking up a nice traditional meal for all of us. The youth will also be organizing games and football for all.

To Keep Your Hunger at Bay

The menu will consist of Xitt, Samarachi kodi, kismoor and other Goan delicacies. Plant saplings and different fruits like mangoes, jackfruits and pineapples will be distributed to the people.

According to Fr. Matheus, “This is one day for the entire village to come together.”