Government Primary Schools get Grant-in-Aid

Primary schools offering education in Konkani/Marathi, which have availed a one-time grant of Rs.12 Lakh from the government are now permitted to switch to a new scheme.

Under the new scheme, grant-in-aid primary recognized schools, imparting education in Konkani/Marathi medium of instruction, will be eligible for a grant of 400 per student per month for a period of 10 months during an academic year.

The objective of the scheme is to provide opportunity to the managements of schools in the local languages to improve the requisite infrastructure as well as build up resources in the school.


To avail the grant, the schools will have to provide a list of students enrolled class-wise, from standard I to IV, on a yearly basis. After this, the first installment of the grant will be released. On production of attendance certificate of the students, the balance monthly installment will be released.

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