And yet another criminal lands in Goa

Not only is murder and rape synonymous with Goa but its a safe landing spot for Criminals as well

On 9th May, 2017, Vinay Kadam, yet another criminal, landed in Goa.  Soon after landing in Goa, he was caught. Wanted for bank fraud, Kadam absconded for 20 years. Being one of the 28 people charge-sheeted in the 3.77 Crore Bank of Baroda (Ahmedabad) 1997 fraud case. He hid in Canada under the name Regan Rollin and decided to land in Goa after 20 years. (What was he thinking?).

Modus Operandi

According to reports 6 to 7 fictitious companies were set up with zero bank balance. “…The dummy directors of the companies issued 31 cheques worth 3.77 crore rupees and the money was withdrawn with the active connivance of some bank officials,” CBI spokesperson RK Gaur said.

Sources said the CBI first issued a look out circular and then requested Interpol to issue a red-corner notice against Kadam. However, the accused was untraceable till he landed in Goa on Monday.


Did Goa provide a safe haven in the past?

Not so long ago international criminal Charles Sobhraj aka ‘bikini killer’ and ‘The Serpent’, was arrested at  O’Coqueiro’s a famous eatery in Goa. Goa provided a safe haven for him.

Another criminal Ajay Kaushal, on UK’s most wanted list, fled to Goa a few years ago. He was captured and put behind bars. He too chose Goa to land.

What made these criminals land in Goa? Why do they find safe haven in Goa? Is it because the Goans are a ‘susegado’ (laidback), trusting and safe people who mind their own businesses.

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