Burden on motorists’ wallets

Since 1980 the vehicle tax was constant at two per cent. Recently the government has passed the amendment on the Goa motor vehicles tax. Paving way for the rise in taxes levied on the purchase of new vehicles.

The number of vehicles in Goa have been on a constant rise, however Opposition leader Pratapsingh Rane believes that due to this decision, there will be a decline in motor vehicle sales and this may hamper income to the exchequer.

In defence, Transport Minister Ramakrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar said that the population of Goa is 14 lakh and vehicles in the state are increasing at the rate of 76,000 yearly; the ratio is 1:1 at the moment and in order to control the number of vehicles in the state, the government has passed the bill.


In many of our metros, vehicle sharing to office, is the order of the day in order to contain pollution emmitted from vehicles. This step in Goa seems like a step in the right direction. Go Green Goa!


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