Welcome to my world…wont you come on in, miracles I guess, still happen now and then. Lyrics are written, songs are sung but seem so apt when one has a good experience. Wan Hao is a word for ‘Welcome’ in Chinese. Welcome to the Oriental courtyard at the Marriott. As you pass the glass doors…there seems to be sharp pull ‘wont you come on in’. Wan Hao has a warm and vibrant ambience, and this specialty restaurant offers the delicacies of the Far East with an authenticity suited to the most discerning tastebuds. Set in the serene surroundings of the Chinese courtyard with traditional décor, Wan Hao with its antique opium bed creates the perfect ambience to indulge in Oriental exotica. The design, by way of authentic Chinese artifacts conveys comfort, style, and authenticity. Let’s get to the menu. Miracles I guess…the chefs have a delightful Pan Asian spread of preparations.

The Qia Xiao Bao for starters – this soft, fluffy steamed bun is a delight filled with bits of Barbequed and Honey-glazed Pork. Soft, fluffy yes even at the first bite. Prefer Chicken? Then try the XO Chicken – this famed proprietary sauce is shipped directly from Hong Kong, where the chef combines it to perfection with Wok Fried Chicken (rather than seafood, as is the norm). Accompany this with Fujian fried rice – not what you expect from your regular fried rice. This comes topped with a delectable and finger licking (or chopstick licking) sauce with vegetables, seafood or chicken. For seafood exotic preparations of Lobster or Crab Man tao – in a Singapore style spicy and tangy chilli sauce, served with steamed buns to lap up the remaining sauce.

Yes those miracles still happen now and then with preparations the feature dishes from Sichuan, Canton, Shanghai and other well known food regions within greater China. Sip on tea, the aromatic Jasmine Tea as you make your way through these preparations. At Wan Ho, it is welcoming bliss of oriental cuisine right in the heart of Goa.


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