Want to feel more Goan? Learn Konkani!


Have you lost your flare in speaking and writing Konkani? Well, here’s some good news. Get back to the basics, as Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, is conducting courses for beginners.

Institutional Information

Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) is a Jesuit research-institute working on issues related to the Konkani language, literature, culture and education. It is based in Alto Porvorim, near the Xaviers Centre of Historical Research, Goa. Its aim is devoted to the promotion of education and research in the Goa state language, literature and culture.

In 1982 it was registered under the Societies Registration Act and commenced in 1986, in Mira Mar before it moved to its current premises. It has been recognized by the Goa University as a Konkani research institute.

Konkani Courses

The Devanagari and Roman script Konkani course for beginners for this month are being held half day till  6th of July. Thomas Stephens Konkanni Kendr conduct several classes on Konkani literature every month, but limited seats are available. So keep an eye out for the opportunity and broaden your horizon by learning the state’s mother-tongue and feel more Goan. As Benjamin Franklin one said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Origin of the Institute’s name

This institution gets its name from the sixteenth-century English Jesuit priest, Thomas Stephens (1549–1619), a linguist and Marathi poet. According to the institution, Stephens learned the Konkani and Marathi languages and wrote in them. He produced the first grammar to be produced in an Indian language, in Konkani printed in 1622. Stephens died in Goa in 1619.

Other courses

TSKK also offers courses in the Konkani language, and on project methodology for researchers, and study methodology for students. The institute also works on language-teaching books for adults and children to learn Konkani (in the Romi or Roman script).

TSKK has come out with a number of publications in the Konkani language, or in languages like English introducing themes related to Konkani. One of its publication include a 1988 guide to writing Devanagari script Konkani.



Image Courtesy: Slideshare.net