This all-day dining restaurant aptly named the Waterfront Terrace, where one can sit in air conditioned comfort or on the terrace outdoors. It’s a trendy, informal dining space setting, very contemporary, yet chic with the swimming pool just outside the bay windows. Buzzing with activity its buffet concept seems to captivate diners but if you are not in the mood to move from your table, you can also order a la carte. It is a place to meet at for families and friends. The food stretches right across the restaurant (a separate vegetarian section too)…with chefs manning the counters. Italian, Continental, Oriental, Indian and a Goan niche too…sauces, curries and breads . The variety entices and cajoles but where does one start.

Go level by level, just the way a terrace is constructed. To add to that there are Kebabs to feast on, unlimited beer to keep the spirits soaring old favourites like Cosmopolitan and Margarita; ably assisted by the pulsating music of the live band. Want to go a la carte? For starters – a mention of the Chilli Coriander Prawns – a blend of oriental and western flavours, prawns are marinated with lemon, chilli and coriander, grilled to perfection and served with Mediterranean grilled vegetables, peppers and mash. For mains try the Goan/Indian preparations with Goa Prawn Curry, they can’t seem to get this all-time classic wrong. Also served with kingfish if desired , perfect with boiled Goan brown rice. Or the famous Dal Makhani.

The delicious north Indian comfort food has been cooked to perfection in the kitchens, with the dal simmering overnight on a warm tandoor. Or the pizzas…try the Chicken Tikka, a winning blend of piquant tandoori chicken tikka morsels which blend seamlessly with Mozarella and basil to create an altogether interesting fusion pizza destined to be a hit.) Check the blackboard for the chef’s specialty of the day. The Cointreau Chocolate Mousse – this airy eggless creation is stuff that genius is made of.


It will instantly remind you of the orange flavoured and orange shaped Cadbury’s chocolate that visiting relatives from the UK would bring for you in the early days when chocolates was an all-important cargo for these visitors). U have to try to know it, it cannot be explained in words…sweet lovers you will meet your waterloo. Or just lounge around with a cuppa, and a burger. The Marriott Burger – this is a worldwide signature offering in Marriott Hotels throughout – this is the goodness 100% ground beef that combines deliciously with caramelized onions, crisp bacon and cheese; along with soft freshly baked bun, making the perfect burger. So spread the cheer with the culinary feast amongst family and friends…there is no better way of imbibing level by level the music, food and spirits, it is terraced all the way.

0832 2463333
Goa Marriot Resort, Post Box No.64, Miramar, Panaji, Goa.

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