Minors from Mangaluru die a watery death in Ponda


A combination of unsupervised minors and water bodies is never a good thing. Goa has seen many people die in these situations. There was another incident yesterday which resulted in the untimely death of 3 minors from out of town. A drowning.

The bodies of the minors were found in a water tank

According to the newspapers, the 3 minors had come to Goa with their families. They were visiting the Shree Naguesh temple in Bandora. The incident happened on Wednesday evening after the children and their respective families arrived in Goa.

The 3 minors have been identified as Aditi Bhat, 12, Bhuvaneshwar Bhat, 8, and Shravan Bhola, 7. The Bhat children and Bhola were maternal cousins.

Sources say that the two families were in Goa to visit the temple and were staying in the accommodation provided by said place. The drowning is believed to have taken place soon after. The parents sent the children to find out about getting warm water for baths. But the children did not return. When the families realized that they had been missing for a while, some family members went to search for them. It was then that they saw Aditi’s dress floating in the water tank.

Venturing into the water, a family member saw the bodies in the tank. The area around the tank is usually deserted in the afternoons so it’s possible that the youngsters slipped in, undetected. On finding the bodies, the family raised an alarm and locals helped them retrieve the children from the tank.

They were immediately taken to the sub-district hospital in Ponda but were declared DOA (dead on arrival).

The hospital is holding the bodies and police say that the post-mortem will be carried out today.

The Navhind Times has an in-depth story on the incident. You can read about it here.

Information credit – TOI