The Wedding season in Goa is here

Over the last few years, Goa has consistently been chosen as a popular Wedding Destination across the globe. The beautiful Hotels, Resorts and beaches are well equipped, allowing you to have a fairy tale wedding. The wedding season has just begun and there’s a lot more excitement to look forward to in Goa.

The 5 star Beach Resorts and Hotels are located in the North as well as South of Goa like Taj, Resort Rio, Cidade de Goa, Grand Hyatt, Goa Mariott, etc. These are some that offer wedding festivities. They have almost everything that you require for a wedding like, a huge lawn, poolside, beachside, sunset view, banqueting halls and much, much more.



Besides these, certain beach locations with the best and popular beach shacks are also chosen for a wedding celebration, birthday parties or get-togethers too.

It is said that the holiday season is the preferred choice for a Goan wedding! But which one and why?


There are many tourists who decide to have their wedding in Goa especially during the vacations like Diwali and Christmas. These months are cooler and bring out positive vibes. Ceremonies in this season mostly happen due to the convenience of the relatives to travel all the way from their states during holidays. For people who have relatives in Bombay and elsewhere in India, it is an ideal time to have a wedding in Goa.



The long vacations for children are in the months of April and May. These happen to be the crammed up months of the Goan summer weddings. As there are numerous weddings happening in Goa during this season too. It is not a favourable season for a wedding because of the rising humidity. Therefore many choose the cooler months over these. It becomes really uncomfortable and sweaty ! Although the long vacation and beaches can be a bonus.


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