Atul Sarin

Welfare for Animals in Goa: Atul Sarin’s Journey

Atul Sarin’s interview video with ItsGoa:

In the lush landscapes of Goa, where the sea meets the sand, and nature thrives in its most honest form, Atul Sarin, the founder of Welfare for Animals in Goa (W.A.G.), is a beacon of hope and compassion. His journey, as shared in an enlightening interview with ItsGoa, is not just a story about animal welfare but a testament to human kindness and empathy.

From Kenya to Goa: A Journey of Compassion

Born in Kenya, Atul moved to the UK at 13 and later shifted to Goa, leaving behind the busy London life. It was here, in the serenity of Goa, where Atul’s path took an unexpected turn. Struck by the sight of stray animals struggling for survival on the streets, he felt a deep connection and a sense of duty to alleviate their suffering. This marked the humble beginnings of W.A.G., an NGO initially aimed at helping local animals but which has now grown significantly, housing eleven full-time employees and two doctors.

A Shelter for All: Embracing Diversity in Animal Rescue

Atul’s approach to animal welfare is unique in its inclusivity. W.A.G. is home to a diverse range of animals, from cows and goats to dogs, cats, and even exotic birds rescued from illegal pet shops. Each animal, regardless of its species, is given the care and attention it needs. Atul emphasizes the importance of understanding each species’ specific needs, a principle that guides W.A.G.’s rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Overcoming Challenges: Funding and Animal Rights

Funding remains a critical challenge for W.A.G., as it does for most NGOs. Atul notes the importance of government grants and schemes, like those provided by the Goa government for sterilization and stray cattle management. However, bureaucratic delays often hinder these processes, making private funding and support crucial for W.A.G.’s operations.

Educational Outreach: Building a Compassionate Future

Atul Sarin understands the power of education in changing the future of animal welfare. W.A.G. conducts workshops for children and teachers, fostering a connection between the younger generation and animals. This interaction is not about promoting a lifestyle but about instilling respect and kindness towards all living beings.

Personal Stories of Rescue and Rehabilitation

Atul Sarin shares heartwarming stories of rescues, like Mali, a dog with severe mange, and Sweetie, a bonnet macaque who endured immense suffering before being rescued. These stories are not just tales of survival but of the resilience and forgiveness inherent in animals. They serve as powerful reminders of the impact that compassion and care can have on healing and recovery.

Looking Ahead: Expanding the Vision

The future of W.A.G. is focused on expansion, not just in terms of rescue efforts but in supporting other NGOs. With an estimated 80,000 unsterilized stray dogs and 10,000 stray cattle in Goa alone, the need for a collective effort is clear. Atul envisions a future where W.A.G. can offer consultancy and support to other organizations, multiplying the impact of their work.

A Message of Hope and Peace

Atul Sarin’s message is one of universal compassion, echoing the sentiments of great thinkers and artists throughout history. He believes that respect for animals is intrinsically linked to peace among humans. This philosophy is at the core of W.A.G.’s mission and Atul’s life work.

In conclusion, Atul Sarin and W.A.G. stand as shining examples of how empathy, combined with action, can create a haven for the voiceless and vulnerable. Their story is not just about animal welfare; it’s about nurturing a world where every living being is valued and cared for.

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