Who to blame for the unsafe Goan roads?


Goan roads in the past few days have seen many spine chilling accidents. These accidents have cost many people their lives, besides the fact that they may have left many injured. The number of road accidents in Goa has gone up for the year 2015 to 4338  with 311 deaths. In comparison to the previous years, 2014 saw 4294 with 290 deaths and 2013 saw 4229 with 266 deaths. There are various reasons for this perilous situation. A look into it will reveal that all hands are not clear of the blame.

Reasons for unsafe roads

Goa’s infrastructure is not adequate to handle the traffic flow of the state. A ride on the highways will reveal it. Certain points are bottleneck for the traffic. They are an impediment for the smooth flow of the vehicles.

Authorities – Responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and facilities. They usually suffer from lack of manpower or lack of will to implement the rules. It is alleged that many indulge in corruption. Whatever the reasons they are accountable for keeping the roads safe.

Public – As much as authorities are responsible, people equally share the responsibility. There are many instances of people breaking the basic traffic rule of wearing a helmet. Eventually it boils down to how concerned the public is towards road safety. If everyone takes the initiative to be careful on the roads, the amount of road accidents will come down.

Causes for accidents

There are various reasons for an accident to take place. A simple distraction while driving or riding can cause an road accident.

⦁ Over speeding
⦁ Sleeping behind the wheel
⦁ Careless riding or driving
⦁ Overtaking another vehicle without caution or from the left
⦁ Not keeping the regulated distance between two vehicles

Impacts of road accidents

The economic impact of an accident can be assessed but the emotional one impossible to be accounted. Along with the victims even family members suffer a great deal.

⦁ Loss of life
⦁ Making a person disabled
⦁ Economic loss
⦁ Disruption of family life

Evidence clearly indicates that it is not the sole responsibility of the authorities to ensure road safety. Active participation of the public will go a long way. Genuine situations can lead to an accident. Caution can prevent a road accident. ‘Roving eyes’ an initiative by Goa police is a clear cut example of caution.

Is there more that can be done to make the roads safer? Do leave your suggestions in the comments.