Young woman allegedly raped, friend beaten up by tourists on South Goa beach


In November 2017, there was a study done based on the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) that stated that the safest state for women was Goa. At the time, it was a relief to hear such a thing. How quickly things seem to change though. Rape has started becoming a major epidemic, across the country and as of this morning’s story, in Goa too. According to the news report, a young couple was assaulted on one of South Goa’s beaches. The young woman was allegedly raped and her friend was beaten up by three tourists on the beach.

Allegedly raped and beaten up at the beach

Navhind Times reports that the horrific act was allegedly committed by three youngsters. They are believed to have raped the young woman and beaten up her friend while attempting to extort money from them.

The police have caught two of the three culprits.

The police say that the three picked up a conversation with the couple, asking for money. But the couple said that they didn’t have any with them and that they had kept the money in the scooter. The three thieves immediately went to where the scooter was parked and opened the boot and removed the 2000 rupees stashed there. But they weren’t satisfied with this small amount and started allegedly harassing the couple for more. When they realized they would not get more, they asked her to allegedly strip and raped the young woman. They also beat up her male friend.

The three also allegedly took photographs of the couple in this state and threatened to circulate these on the Internet if they weren’t given more money.

Complaint registered against the accused

While the police are not clear on exactly what happened, the woman has lodged a formal complaint against the three miscreants. In her complaint, she has alleged that she was raped and her male companion was beaten up by the three. Based on this, the police have registered a case of rape and robbery under Section 376 and Section 394 of the Indian Penal Code.

PI Navlesh Dessai, who is in charge of the Colva police station, is investigating.

Information credit – The Navhind Times and India Today