world's first automobile

Working replica of the world’s ‘first automobile’ to be in Goa soon


Goa’s automobile aficionados are in for a treat soon. Pradeep Naik, owner, Ashvek Vintage World has recently purchased a working replica of Benz Motorwagen 1886. It is considered to be the world’s ‘first automobile’. Benz Patent Motorwagen was built by Karl Benz in 1885 and patented in 1886.

The Patent-Motorwagens are very rare and only 25 models were built between 1886 and 1893. Of the few that exist, none are on public display. Later, replicas of it were built for the automobile enthusiasts.

The Benz Motorwagen 1886 is scheduled to arrive at the vintage car museum in Nuvem in the second week of November. Naik first came across the Motorwagen at the Brooklyn Garage in the UK. He instantly knew that he had to get one for himself. He purchased a working replica of the vehicle from UMS Technologies, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It will be on a display at the Ashvek Vintage World soon.

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Information credit: The Navhind Times