Youth involved in most road mishaps –Truth or Hoax?

DM (Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s) Higher Secondary School, Assagao recently organised a road safety program to create awareness among students. RTO Inspector Minesh Tar spoke at the function.

RTO Inspector Minesh Tar stated that youth mostly ignore traffic rules which lead to road accidents. He also mentioned that there has been an unusual rise in road accidents and now-a-days mishaps have been taking place on almost all roads in the state.

“One of the causes and a key one for the rise in road accidents are due to flouting of traffic rules by riders and in most cases involving the youth,” said Minesh Tar.


The RTO inspector urged parents to avoid lending two-wheelers to their children. Further, he mentioned the only way to avoid accidents was to follow traffic rules and to regularly conduct maintenance of vehicles.

In Goa, the youth are forced to have their own two-wheelers at an early age to commute to school or college as the local transport is irregular. Parents on the other hand find it economical to allow their wards to be mobile. But the question remains, how safe can they be? Truth is, most road accidents in Goa involve two-wheelers and youth.

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