Humans of Goa – Bombil Owner And A Top Zumba Instructor, Joseph Dias


Joseph Dias is a father, restaurateur and a top Zumba instructor of India. How does he manage both?
Through sheer will, hard work and crazy energy.

ItsGoa got in touch with Joseph to find out what makes him such a fireball of energy, the brief journey of Bombil Goa, and the dance floor ahead…

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Let’s get started.


If anyone were to ask you, “What do you do for a living, then what would you say?”

My name is Joseph Dias. I am originally from South Goa, but currently living at Panjim. I run Bombil Goa, a concept restaurant in Panjim, Goa.
I am also a Zumba®️Education Specialist for Goa and Zumba Pro skills Educator, India.

What was that one moment when you decided, “That’s it! I want to become the top Zumba instructor of India”

In my early teens, it was very difficult to make a living in the dance world so I had to actually quit dancing and work in the hospitality industry.

I did so for two decades plus with the next 10 years devoted as an entrepreneur.

I started teaching Zumba in 2010 and since then I have worked and danced. It’s been an amazing journey and the rest is history.

I believe one can make a living if you have complete focus on your goals and Zumba was a indeed a life saver in terms of fitness & lifestyle preferences.


Who are your dancing role models? Any fanboy moment you experienced in your life?

It’s always been just 3 role models, Michael Jackson, Prince & MC Hammer.

What was the biggest challenge when becoming a top Zumba instructor of India? How did you overcome it?

Actually, it’s all about passion and whatever the challenger, I make sure I enjoy it.

I didn’t find any challenges in 2010 as Zumba was just introduced in Goa. I was the first male in Goa to start Zumba classes and the rest is history.

I am an Educational Specialist for Zumba (official trainer who wishes to be be Zumba Instructor), which is a US based company. It’s also one of the biggest fitness community for Zumba in the world. Add to that, our ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network for India) is simply amazing.

Any funny or inspiring childhood story/memory you’d like to share with ItsGoa’s readers…

I have too many to mention, but during my early teens I had to quit dancing because of no income coming out of it.

I worked hard in the hotel business and finally had a chance to do both – dance and work, and if anyone tells me you can’t do both, I reply back saying, “Watch me”!

Who is the one person you would want to meet from the past?

Haha! I prefer looking at the present and building the future.

What role did family and friends play? Any incidents you remember that helped you overcome a challenge?

Family is family. I am blessed to have their support in good times and bad. In terms of friends, I don’t have many and those who are, I cannot name them, but I love them and they know it.


What were people’s feedback (positive and negative) and who stood by you the most?

I have a habit of turning the negative to positive. Every negative has a positive and it does wonders when you can see and understand that.

At the end of the day nobody knows what is right and wrong. It’s all wisdom from past experiences in life that we use.

I see things much ahead I guess. That’s why they call me an over thinker. It does drain you out because of the energy we take in and let the positive out. At the end of the day, it’s all on you.

I am self motivated and I motivate myself because in bad times nobody is there for you.

I feel blessed and grateful I have my brother, Abdul Kareem, my mother, sister, mentors and couple of closed ones to rely on.


What is the legacy you want to leave behind, and for whom?

My vision is to open numerous concept restaurants in and outside Goa. For example, Bombil is a concept restaurant that’s keeping the Goan tradition of food alive. I will pass it to my son if he wishes to take my legacy forward.

In the dancing world I will keep on dancing and change lives because music will never die in me. I’m 43 years old now and you will definitely see me dancing till my last breath. I am blessed to be counted as one of top Zumba instructors in India. It’s the love that acts as my adrenaline.

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