3 titles for Gretel Saldanha D’Souza at Miss and Mrs Megaverse 2018


Goan origin Gretel Saldanha D’Souza definitely did herself proud at the Miss and Mrs. Megaverse pageant held in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic earlier this month. The lucky lady won herself not just 1 but 3 titles at the beauty pageant. Indeed a triumphant homecoming!

Ms. Megaverse 2018

Beauty pageants are plenty. They happen in almost every country in the world. Gretel auditioned for and got selected for the Ms. Megaverse pageant. The Megaverse team interviews about 2000 ladies all over the world. 30 ladies are eventually selected to represent their countries in the finals. Gretel herself had to go through 3 rounds of auditions before eventually being selected as Ms. Megaverse India 2018 and representing the country at the 2018 pageant. Read all about her journey before the pageant here. Ms. Australia went on to become Ms. Megaverse 2018.

Doing herself and Goa proud

While Gretel didn’t win the ultimate title of Ms. Megaverse 2018, she still did herself and Goa proud. With grace and poise, she bagged herself 3 titles, Miss Bikini, Best Evening Gown, and Most Outstanding Lady. It’s quite an achievement for Gretel who currently works as a model in Mumbai.

Out of the 3 titles, Miss Bikini, and  Best Evening Gown were based on the audience’s choice. But it was not conventional votes that won her both of these titles. The winning country was chosen based on how much the audience cheered. It’s just fantastic that they loved Ms. Megaverse India that much to give her the win! 

Gretel was completely overwhelmed at receiving such a response. “Seeing the response I gathered from the audience, actually brought tears to my eyes & I was pleasantly surprised when I was declared the winner even though there were no Indians in that country and I knew I was dealing with a very tough competition from across the globe.”

She was truly excited to be at such an amazing international event. Says Gretel, “Being a part of such a grand event and representing my country has always been my dream. It was a wonderful experience to live my dream at the world finals. I got the chance to meet beauty queens from every corner of the globe, made lots of new friends & together created memories that I’ll cherish forever.”

For more information on the Miss and Mrs. Megaverse pageants, check out their official website.

Thanking her family

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of Gretel’s family. And she thanked them, saying, “I’m very thankful to God for giving me such an amazing family. My mum, dad, brother, sister, and grandmother. My husband, who is the best husband in the world. Without all of them, nothing would be possible.”