Chapoli dam

The Grand Dam(e)s of Goa part 3 – The Chapoli dam


It’s a lesser known dam but no less picturesque than the Selaulim and Anjunem Keri dams in Goa. The Chapoli dam lies in an equally pretty location in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It is yet another dam that serves a purpose in our tiny home state. While the other two were built mainly for irrigation purposes, the Chapoli dam provides drinking water to a part of the Canacona taluka.

Chapoli dam
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The Chapoli dam lies in an exquisite location

Not many are familiar with this dam nor do they visit it. The Chapoli dam lies deep in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. Canacona has some very pretty beaches which have long since lost their charm with the onset of tourism. The famous Palolem beach is located in this taluka and people visit from far and wide. 

The Chapoli dam is located about a kilometer northeast of Chaudi, Canacona’s biggest town. Its location makes it quite scenic as it extends westward of the Sayadhri range in the Western’s a beautiful place to commune with nature as it too, is off the beaten track, deep in the valley. The surrounding area also makes for an excellent eco-tourism spot. After all, the Western Ghats are known to be teeming with rare varieties of flora and fauna. And not everyone comes to Goa for the beaches and nightlife.

Chapoli dam
The exquisite view from the Chapoli dam.
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Please note that any kind of recreational activities such as fishing and swimming in the dam waters is considered illegal. Anyone caught indulging in the same is likely to be fined and/or imprisoned. For more details about the dam, check out the link.

Getting to the Chapoli dam

There is no holiday accommodation at the site of the dam. However, Chaudi has some small hotels and guesthouses to stay at. Palolem beach also has a lot of hotels to stay at and it’s not far to get to the Chapoli dam if a visit is in order.

Best way to get to the dam site is by car. Local buses do not take visitors to the dam so the best option is to drive yourself or hire a bike/ taxi. It’s not clear whether one requires permission to visit the dam, therefore, the best option is to write to or call the office of the Chief Engineer at the below address and get correct information.

Chief Engineer,
Water Resources Department
2nd Floor, Junta House (Annex)
18th June Road, Panaji, Goa
Telephone – +91 832 2223506 / 2225911

Information credit – Goa Tourism Travels