It is bright, colourful, multifunctional, it is the 49er’s. Housed in Hotel Seacoin on the busy Colva Beach, 49er’s is a popular restaurant among tourists and in-house guests. It starts with the entrance, a fast food counter serving snacks, pizzas and sweets. Enter the gate and your eyes are drawn to the red backed chairs and cozy ambience. This multi-cuisine restaurant is famous for its sizzlers. Try the 49er’s special sizzler – a combo of grilled chicken, lamb chops, tiger prawns, squids with the accompaniments, it could create the required sizzle throughout the meal. The Goan section besides the well known preparations showcases Tongue Roast, Goan Steak (the meat marinated in vinegar), a mixed stew…there is no need to get stewed with the food alone…under the wood paneled ceiling the ambience beckons with a spirited preparation too. The cocktails! Ever wondered where it all began? The menu states that in US of A, the winner of the cockfights would have to host the drinks and he would be the priviledged one to get the feather of the bird in his glass to signify that he is the winner.

Order a knight rider (if you are a whiskey fan) or a 49er’s Special (for the barcardi and gin drinkers). If you are looking for some shooters go for ‘Between the legs’ or a Bangkok Fly. Sure to please. While Indian food is alos predominant on the menu, the restaurant also doubles up as ‘Suruchi” ..a vegetarian/Jain cuisine with preparations of Italian pastas, Goan vegetarianas and Indian specialities too. Do you think vegans cannot sizzle? The sizzlers are here too. Or perhaps the Vegetable Risotto, Lasagnas or the Florentine. For the Indian palate try the Paneer Shashlik, or go Chinese with sweet and sour vegetables, Manchurian or vegetable balls in garlic. The Goan cuisine – Mushroom Balchao, Bhendi Sukhe and Cauliflower Caldin adds to the variety. So if you are er… at a loose end after a stroll on the famous Colva Beach head to the 49er’s, sure to pep up those spirits.


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