Beaches of Goa Untouched by Tourism You Must Visit

Whenever I come across a tourist in Goa asking for directions or information about beaches, there are just two names I hear most of the time, Candolim and Calangute. I keep asking myself, why do people come to Goa and go to Calangute and Candolim beaches of all? The thought which comes to my head after hearing those two names are of ladies coming out of the water and men dancing in their underwear! That’s not what I want to see on a beach of all places. The beach is meant for picturesque sunsets and to admire the beauty of God’s creation and I wasn’t talking about the men and women dancing on the beaches in their underwear and I love Goa t-shirts.

If you’ve come to Goa for the sun, sand and sea you’ll be pleased to know that we have a list of beaches which are not frequented by tourists. These beaches are tucked away in quiet places where you can truly escape the world, or at least from the prying eyes and hawkers. Carrying your own supplies to such places is highly advisable as finding a shop or eateries can be a bit of a task.

Beaches Of Goa

Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach is an alternative for the tourist popular Palolem beach, for those of you who want a feel of what the life in Palolem is all about. It offers the same serene beauty which you would get from Palolem. Patnem beach has beach shacks and huts for those who want to just laze around amongst such a magnificent view of Mother Nature. Patnem beach is located approximately 78 kilometers away from Margao and a 5 minute drive from the famous Palolem beach.


Galgibaga Beach

Probably one of the cleanest beaches you will find in Goa. The greatest sight to see on this beach is the thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles walking on the shore coming to lay their eggs. Galgibaga beach is one of the most important beaches for turtle nesting, this is the reason there are no shacks or structures on the beach. You will hardly find anyone on the beach due to this reason. Galgibaga is located approximately 18 kilometers away from Canacona.

Hollant Beach

This serene beach has a lovely bay with a long stretch of shallow water running into the sea that is perfect for non-swimmers and waders. The beach is rocky but the picturesque bay makes up for it. You will even see fishermen’s boats lining the narrow, curving shore to create a quaint picture. The beach is about 2 kilometers away from Bogmalo.

Cola Beach

Amongst one of the untouched beaches of Goa, Cola Beach is a hidden treasure in South Goa. This hidden treasure is just 5 minutes away from Aguada beach. Cola Beach has a unique lagoon surrounded by beach huts. Traveling to this beach is a bit of a struggle, the road is all rocky. Everyone is advised to be very careful while going to this beach. There’s a fresh water lake here where you can rent a Kayak and enjoy the sunset.

Querim Beach

Querim beach is a secluded beach in North Goa which is a haven of serenity.  This beach attracts fewer visitors than the rest of the beaches in North Goa. The beach has rows of pine trees on its shore which provides excellent shade for the visitors. There is a river inlet. The beach is almost deserted. Getting to Keri from Arambol should be easy and inexpensive.

If you have heard about or visited any other hidden paradise in Goa do write to us and share your thoughts!


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