best burgers in goa

5 Places Serving The Best Burgers in Goa


Over the last few months I was on an expedition to find the best burgers in Goa. Going around town I got to know that Goa surely does not disappoint when it comes to burgers. Here is a list of the 5 places I feel serve the best burgers in Goa. Although a couple of them might be difficult to find they are surely worth the shot.

Burger Factory (Anjuna): Burger Factory is a heaven for burger lovers. Although their menu is limited, they impress with everything on it. The Double Cheddar Cheese Burger being my favorite. The beef patty was juicy and the bacon was crisp, according to me getting these two perfectly together along with the cheese is an art and Burger Factory are artists in making burgers.

Baba au Rhum (Anjuna): Located in a quiet place in Anjuna, Baba au Rhum is a place you ought to visit. The place is very relaxing being surrounded by a lot of trees and fields in front.  The staff are very welcoming and friendly and give good recommendations about what to eat or drink. I would recommend having the Hercules Burger, chicken or beef is your choice but the beef, bacon and egg combination works like heaven.

Route 66 (Panjim): Route 66 is located just off the Rua de Ourem creek. They have a large menu and most of the stuff on it is worth taking a bite off.  They offer variety of food and not just burgers. The Fat Boy is one that stands out. The 4oz pork patty along with the crispy bacon and the melted cheese is sure to give you a mouthful.

Antojitos (Taleigao): The first time I heard about this place was at a food festival and have waited for them to set up shop ever since. Just a little over a month has gone by since they’ve opened their food-truck in Taleigao. If at all you’re passing by make sure to stop, if not to eat then at least to have a word with the ever friendly owners. Everyone coming here should get their hands on the Heisenburger. It is simply amazing.

Café Basil (Miramar): Café Basil is every college student’s favorite hangout spot. It has been the talk of the town for quite a while. I fell in love with this place after munching on their GMC burger. This was one of the first places I had amazing crispy bacon in a burger. You got to be really lucky if you find an empty table in this place.

Has all this reading got you hungry? Make sure you try one of these burgers on your next day out. If you know of any places that serve good burgers or want to add to the Best Burgers in Goa list, then feel free to comment.