Ogle, Litter and Underwear – Legacy of Indian men


Last year Goa was visited by more than 4 million tourists. Out of this 3.5 million were domestic tourist. while the rest were foreigners. Although all are welcome to visit the state. There are a few things that visiting Indian men do and end up annoying others.

Bad manners that annoy

1) Litter – For the majority, visiting the beach is a priority. They do spend quite sometime there. In the process they also end up littering the place. The sight is very common, Indian men walking in groups carry beer cans in their hands. By the time they go to the sea and come back the cans are gone. Vamoosh!

No trace of it is found until the cleaners start to clean the beach the next day. Scores of it can be found lying around. Not only empty beer cans but also empty alcohol bottles can be found. A middle-aged foreigner lady was seen walking a long distance just to dispose a broken alcohol bottle left on the beach by someone else. Lucky for us they were considerate! Otherwise someone was gonna get hurt. Although there is a ban now to drink on the beach, it is still done hoodwinking the authorities.

Picture this! If you litter; someone else ends up cleaning the mess. If you are one of those culprits littering, just imagine the pain the broken bottle would cause you.

2) Ogle – Classic scene is Indian men standing in a group and ogling at women or trying to strike a conversation with one. It is extremely annoying to the women! Plus their holiday is marred by those scary moments of men approaching them. Making women feel insecure is not something you should be doing on your holiday. Stop!

3) Roaming in underwear – Although it might seem okay for a small boy. For grown up Indian men with a beer belly to roam around in their underwear does not seem appropriate. Plus it does not suit the place as many families come to the beach. The beaches are pretty but the underwear heroes aren’t. C’mon, not everyone can pull of an underwear like superman does.

It all comes down to this, Do men visiting Goa really want to be known for these three things? If not than do keep these guidelines in mind.