5 Whacky cocktails available in Goa!


Goa is known for its Fish, Feni, Football and much more. As a tourism destination it is popular among domestic as well as foreign tourists who mostly come to laze on the beach with friends or enjoy the buzzing night life. While chilling in Goa, visitors love to taste the local cuisine and beverages, with cocktails being a particular favourite. Part of the enticement is the extravagant names.

Shaken not stirred!

In the most recent year’s Restaurants, Cafes and Bars have become a lot more innovative with signature cocktail lists, in a bold attempt to stay one step ahead of the competition. Also as more Goans are going abroad for vacations, they bring back many new recipes and ideas from across the globe, which has added to the cocktail melting pot.

While I have not sampled any of the following cocktails and cannot vouch for the taste of them, I was impressed with the interesting names that were on offer and to be frank some would not look out of place in a Bond Movie.

So here I present to you 5 Whacky named cocktails you can order when in Goa. (If you have found any wackier cocktails in Goa, do let us know in the comments below).

Fat Man Running

Judging by the name of the cocktail you really do not know what to expect. It is made with a blend of orange, apple and strawberry juice, with a touch of tequila added for good measure. It is available at the One Degree Restaurant Lounge bar in Vagator.


Now this one has a twist to the tale. When in Goa, Lucas and Gabriela regularly frequent the Firefly Bistro Bar in Benaulim, so the proprietors decided to honour the German pair by naming a cocktail after them. It is a fusion of the popular German Jagermeister and local Coconut feni.

Kudos Coco-coffee Martini

Kudos is a popular restaurant in Colva, which is known for its stone oven pizzas. What better way to wash down your meal than with a tasty chocolaty cocktail. The Kudos Coco-Coffee Martini is a fine blend of Kahlua and Baileys, mixed with chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Sounds delicious!



Whiskey Sour

Imagine telling a friend ‘I had a Whiskey Sour at the Octopus’. The Whiskey Sour is a concoction of smooth Whiskey and Bourbon, with a hint of lime and egg. It can be drunk at the Octopus Kitchen and Bar in Palolem.

Ice Scam Martini

The Ice Scam Martini is available at the Moki Bar and Kitchen, situated at the Picnic Plaza Hotel, in Sangolda. It consists of a lethal combination of gin, tequila and triple sec. It is topped off with Orange juice and Orange Ice candy.

Have you tried any of the above cocktails? Are they really as good as they sound?