5,000 year old healing agent slams modern medicine


Many are unaware that India has influenced many ancient healing systems found in China and Tibet. A medical science developed in India thousands of years ago continues in Goa till date. It is believed that the Gods themselves passed on the herbal treatment to us humans. The ancient Vedic literature by sages laid out instructions to maintain health and combat illnesses through therapies, massages, herbal medicines, diet control and exercise. Meaning science of life, ‘Ayurveda,’ over the centuries, has spread throughout India and holds a prominent place in Goa.

 Curing 42 diseases

Ayurveda is called the ‘mother of all healing systems’ as it is known as the oldest healing system in the world. Influencing most of the ancient systems of healing including the Chinese, Greeks, and Tibetan medicine. Ayurveda is known to effectively treat 42 diseases and conditions including asthma, insomnia, speech disorders, gout and high blood pressure. It is a complete system that integrates the mind, body and spirit.

Goa – North v/s South

In Goa, herbal medicine and healing is highly sought after and practised.  ANHC Ayurvedic Centre, Saligao and Ayurvedic Massage Centre, Mandrem, in North Goa, are quite popular whereas in South Goa, Ayurvedic Hospital, Margao promises holistic treatments which are both safe and effective. However,  I suggest you do some research about the various centres available in Goa especially if you are on the lookout for a specific herbal treatment. With that said, there are numerous benefits of Ayurveda:


Ayurveda helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle by relieving stress and anxiety in the most natural way. It also helps to stay fit as the diet is ‘saatvic’ in nature and it nourishes the body and mind. These dishes are wholesome, devoid of spices and are prepared under strict supervision. Thus detoxifying the body, calming the  mind and relieving the digestive system. The Ayurvedic diet regimen is designed to provide adequate calories and at the same time curb your appetite and craving for food.

So go on and lead a better lifestyle through Ayurveda in this scenic state of Goa.