Vacation to Goa via Google!


We have  given you possibly every reason to pack your bags and visit Goa. Well, travelling to this state will become a whole lot easier with these smartphone apps by Google. According to this report, Google states that 40 percent of total travel traffic is obtained through mobile visits to travel sites. In response to the shift in mobile usage, Google revamped the mobile user interface for travel-related searches.

The following video demonstrates how Destinations by Google work. In a similar way, you too can plan your trip to this beautiful state using the same app.

Vacation to Goa via Google

Searching for the ideal location is a breeze on Google Destinations. Travellers start off by probing for a place through the search engine. By clicking into a destination, a mobile knowledge graph card of the destination pops up. Google then displays a couple of destinations with a big blue arrow to show more. By clicking on the arrow it will expand into several more locations within the vicinity. Travellers are also given the option to filter their ideal spots by dates, interests or price.

Google is improving its travel search by adding new features which include:

  • Tracking airfare prices. Travellers can track the changes on a flight cost of specific routes, compare airline companies and dates. Users will also receive email alerts and Google Receive notifications when prices change significantly.
  • Travellers will also see ‘new deal’ notifications when a room rate is below traditional price levels.
  • Google will also provide money-saving hotel tips. These tips include where travellers could save costs or find better availability by shifting their dates slightly.
  • The company will allow smartphone users to filter hotel search results by price or rating. In addition, the hotel search will respond to more precise queries such as pet friendly hotels at low cost.

However, these changes will first take place in the United States before it is available in Goa, but I’m sure it will be a great success. So keep an eye out for these features.

Better travel experience with Google ‘Trips’ app


In April, Google released a sneak peek to the new “travel assistant” app for users of Local Guides, who are a community of travellers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Known as ‘Trips’ the app will enable travellers to record past trips and plan upcoming travel, including flights, sightseeing dining and of course hotels. It appears that Trips will utilize Google Now’s ability to organize and present travel information from Gmail and Google Calendar. However this app is not available in the market just yet but we hope it releases soon.

So, Go Google Goa! And share with us your experience in our Comment Box below.