79-year-old woman found dead in Candolim


Isabella Cardozo, a 79-year-old woman was found dead lying face down on the floor by her grandson on Thursday. Calangute police have registered a case of unnatural death under section 174 of CrPc.

Sources informed that the woman was found dead on the floor with blood oozing from her nose. It is said that she wasn’t keeping quite well and on was medication. She also required the support of a walker to move around.

In a report, one of the daughters suspected foul play and said the police were not ready to file an FIR. The reason given to her was they needed to get the post-mortem reports first and investigate.

Apparently, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had complimented the police as not a single case was registered during the ongoing Chaturthi festival.

“During this Chaturthi festival, not a single FIR has been registered. It’s a great achievement,” Parrikar had said.

After panchanama, the body was taken to Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim for post-mortem examination.

The reports revealed that the death was caused due to a closed head injury in the form of subarachnoid haemorrhage with bilateral fractures of the ribs. Also associated injuries to the lungs caused by a blunt force/object impact.

It simply says the woman lost balance and fell flat on the floor and ended up injuring herself causing death.

The police informed that one of the deceased daughters had been admitted to institute of psychiatry, Bambolim after obtaining appropriate orders from the court.

However, the other daughter says, “She can not be mentally ill. She suffers from seizures and gets well after the first visit to the ‘mental hospital’-asylum. It isn’t possible for a mentally ill person to maintain such a beautiful house. The cops said the same thing.”

Other reports say another thing. It says that one of the daughters is mentally ill and Lucy has said that her sister has murdered the mother in a fit of anger.

The police are inquiring whether the fracture to the ribs is due to a sudden fall or otherwise. They have recorded statements of most of the family members including the children of the deceased.

Police Inspector Jivba Dalvi is investigating the case of the 79-year-old woman’s death.

Source: NT Network