A Festival for All: Echoes of Earth, India’s Greenest Festival, Announces its Music Lineup for Its First-Ever Goa Edition


Echoes of Earth, India’s greenest festival, unveils the music lineup set to captivate the audience at its debut edition in Goa. 

Known for delivering unique live music experiences, the festival is dedicated to celebrating sustainability and conservation through art, music and culture, taking place on February 2, 3, and 4, 2024, at Chopdem, North Goa.

With its hyper-local theme, ‘Ensemble of the Wild’, Echoes of Earth will highlight India’s richest biodiversity hotspot, the Western Ghats, focusing on the interconnectedness of flora, fauna, habitats, and ecosystems. 

The festival will collaborate with Goa Tourism, Goa State Biodiversity Board, and WWF-India to celebrate and assist the efforts of local stakeholders in preserving the delicate biodiversity of the Western Ghats.

For its first-ever Goa edition, a curated mix of international artists, along with eclectic local acts, will be taking the stage. 

The event will kick off with a cultural showcase featuring traditional Goan folk forms such as Ghode Modni — a unique blend of martial arts and horse dance — and Ghumot (an earthen vessel percussion instrument) musical performances, paying homage to the rich heritage of Goan culture. These music performances have been curated as a reflection of the commitment to showcasing the live music acts intrinsic to Goan heritage.

The diverse music lineup features the mesmerizing sounds of Satori, Glass Beams, Oden & Fatzo, ((( O ))) of Sundrop Garden, Garden City Movement, Space Dimension Controller, Balkan Bump, and more on the international front. 

Talented Indian and Goa-based artists like Leaxan Freitas, Merak, Elvis Lobo, Dualist Inquiry, Discokid, Vairaagi, and Shantam & Steffan bring their tunes to the mix. Rooted in Goa’s music culture, many of these artists either hail from the region or have played a pivotal role in shaping its vibrant musical heritage. 

Since its inception, Echoes of Earth has collaborated with a diverse array of global visual and multimedia artists, transforming urban scrap and waste into larger-than-life stages and captivating art installations. A display of over 20-plus visually stunning art installations will be created by renowned artists, such as well-known herpetologist and artist Nirmal Kulkarni, presenting the ‘Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait’, Chakoo, contributing bamboo infrastructure throughout the venue, and Yadhunandan, showcasing ‘Praying Mantis and Olive Ridley Turtles,’ among others.

With four uniquely designed stages — ‘The Kraken’ and ‘The Big Beak,’ paying homage to the Giant Pacific Octopus and Great Indian Hornbill respectively by Siddhartha Kararwal, ‘The Ghost,’ honouring the Horned Ghost Crab by Muzamil Shairff — will be crafted from recycled junk media. Additionally, the introduction of the distinctive Jungle Bar stage, designed within a jungle setting, will bring an immersive, distinctive ambience to the musical performances.

Mindful consumption, waste reduction, and a celebration of local Goan cuisine culture will take centre stage while curating the food market for this year’s edition of the festival. In addition to this, a collective of 15-plus sustainable brands across fashion, lifestyle, and decor will be on display championing slow living.

Besides its commitment to upcycling and recycling (through circular design that uses 80% recycled and upcycled materials for stages and installations) Echoes of Earth is also on a mission to become a carbon-neutral, plastic-free, zero-waste event in the coming years. From implementing a robust waste management system to eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles and cups by installing free RO water filters and offering steel tumblers, the festival champions sustainable practices.

Roshan Netalkar, Founder & Festival Director of Echoes of Earth, expresses his excitement about the musical lineup, stating, “We are eagerly looking forward to bringing Echoes of Earth to Goa in less than two weeks with the theme, ‘Ensemble of the Wild.’ Everything in this edition will bring alive the wildlife of the Western Ghats through art, Installations and information.”

Netalkar adds that the festival is planned over three days so that people can engage with the experience beyond just the music and also enjoy all the stages and artists at their own pace. 

“We aim to align our festival with the essence of what Goa offers while introducing responsible celebration and environmental perspectives to enhance the overall experience for both audiences and Goa itself. Lastly, the music lineup has a diverse range of live performances balanced across the three days, promising a rich and interesting weekend,” he says.

In terms of the partnerships, the festival continues its association with Walkers & Co., and Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer Non-Alcoholic beverages. As many are aware, the brand’s stirring rally cry, ‘Keep Walking’, is a clarion call to those who are looking to create an evolved path for the future.

This mission statement found an echo in the festival’s theme of ‘Ensemble of the Wild’ which focuses on the efforts of individuals to protect the fragile natural ecosystem. Speaking on the partnership, Shweta Jain, CBDO, Premium, Luxury, Craft, and Reserve – India and South Asia, Diageo said, “Walkers & Co.’s association with Echoes of Earth is part of our vision to partner with creators and bold boundary pushers who, through their music and art, are raising awareness about our planet, and the need for purposeful consumption. And we, at Walkers & Co., like to enable and provide a platform to a generation of Walkers who work for the collective progress and go where few have before.”

As a brand, Corona is dedicated to connecting people with nature, inspiring them to relax and unwind. “Corona is excited to partner with India’s greenest music festival as we gear up for our collaboration with Echoes of Earth for the first-ever Goa edition. This partnership perfectly encapsulates Corona’s mission to encourage individuals to disconnect from the everyday hustle and reconnect with nature. By joining forces with this unique festival, we’re taking our commitment to sustainability and appreciation for the outdoors a step further. The festival is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for redefining the landscape of lifestyle gatherings, steering them towards a greener and cleaner future. We take pride in associating with this eco-friendly music festival, where every toast is a celebration of consciousness!” says Vineet Sharma, Vice President, Marketing & Trade Marketing – AB InBev India.

Echoes of Earth, designed as a ‘festival-for-all’, is nestled in 100 acres of green landscapes of the scenic Brham farms in Chopdem, adding to the experience. With a commitment to inclusivity, it welcomes people of all ages and even their pets, creating a space where everyone can come together to celebrate responsibly and immerse themselves in experiential offerings of music, art, culture, and food.

For a holistic experience, the thoughtfully curated Greener Side Zone will offer educational sessions, including workshops on butterflies, insects, geckoes, and mangroves. Participants can also engage in activities such as music workshops, face painting, and a guided festival walkthrough.

Echoes of Earth invites music enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who care about the preservation of our natural world to be part of this extraordinary celebration. Join us for an immersive experience where the magic of music and the beauty of nature come together like never before.