A pole dance at MOG this Saturday


Alliance Française Panjim and Museum of Goa present French Acrobatic Circus and Kalaripayattu fusion at Museum of Goa on Saturday, 29th April 2017 at 7 pm.

Ode Rosset is an internationally renowned circus artist who learnt Kalarippayattu in Kerala ten years ago. Her specialty is the Chinese Pole, 6 meters high. It is an art initially practiced in Chinese circus.

This art form can be compared to the Indian art – Mallakhamb. It requires flexibility, acting and movement. Those abilities are the same for Kalarippayattu.

pole dance
Ode Rosset during one of her performances

A few months ago, Ode came to India to teach Chinese Pole art at Puthupalli, Dr Baiju Varghese Gaukhal in Kerala. Since then Ode and four Kalarippayattu students, Akhil, Assad, Kishor and Subeesh mix Chinese pole circus and Kalarippayattu, and perform a fusion act.

One of the goals of this project is for these students to go to France to learn at renowned circus schools and for students of those schools to come to India and learn Kalaripayattu. To achieve this exchange project they need sponsors and partners.

They organised a tour in India in order to show their fusion art and talk about the project. The performance in Goa is organised by Alliance Français Panjim and Museum of Goa.

Museum of Goa (MOG) is an endeavor to take art to the masses. MOG intends to be a platform for contemporary Indian and international artists, building a cultural network for exchange and interaction. While Alliance Française, Panjim wants to promote meetings between French and Indian artists.