Treat yourself to some CHOGM road delights


There is more than one reason why the CHOGM Road of Porvorim is so renowned! That’s because it has a spread of big brands, is well lit compared to the other streets and is laden with an array of droolicious restaurants!

But the reason I personally adore this vicinity is because it offers a variety of all-rounder places. One, where you can grab a bite, experience something new AND sit back and relax. Especially during a hot summer afternoon, when a majority of the wine shops and bars are closed down to grab a beer; these places will definitely lift your spirits!

Coffee Cove

What would be your first reaction if I were to ask you ‘Have you ever tasted a mushroom cappuccino soup?’ Yes! You read it right! That’s the kind of creativity in food that these folks offer!  If you are a true coffee lover, the aroma that greets you when you walk in will be your ticket to coffee heaven. The ambience is subtle and soothing and the food, totally worth relishing!

Bakers Street

I got introduced to this cozy hang-out in 2011, and am hooked onto the doughnuts they make till date! Over a period of time, their menu just seems to have grown, making it difficult to stick to a regular order! Every time I walk in, I end up ordering something that I have never had before… My personal favourite is the custard doughnut. And the Oreo cookie doughnut, the salted caramel doughnut, the red velvet cake, the lemon tart… Phew! The list can really get long. From paninis to sandwiches, iced tea, and cold coffee, no wonder this has become a popular hub for all food lovers!


One of the latest additions to the list of hang-outs is a place that serves ice-cream rolls. Indeed a relief during the scorching heat, where you walk in and have a list of flavours to pick from. What’s more fascinating, is to watch how the ice-cream is ‘made’! You can even make your own customized ice-creams, now how cool is that! One swipe through their Facebook page makes you drool; besides, who-so-ever needed an excuse to randomly indulge in an ice-cream?


Started in 1944 in Pakistan, before shifting to India after the Partition, Havmor is an ice cream shop, that dishes out frozen treats made of pure milk. Priding themselves of ice-creams made from pure milk that doesn’t require vegetable oils to be frozen and sugar-free ice creams, Havmor has been delighting customers over the past one year in Porvorim.

Havmor has a few branches located across the State, but the Porvorim outlet is the most frequented. By far the best and the highest selling treat at Havmor Porvorim is the Moca Brownie fudge.