Panchayat elections

Government prepones Panchayat elections due to Sao joao


The Goa government has decided to advance the Panchayat elections by 8 days to avoid a clash with Sao Joao celebrations. The elections will now be held on June 17.

“We had initially decided to hold elections on June 25 but then it was realised that the date clashes with San Joao festival (celebrated a day before). So it was decided to advance elections,” Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho said.

Sao Joao is celebrated June 24 across Goa. Voting day on June 25 would have meant curtailing the celebrations.

The State Election Commission (SEC) had suggested the Panchayat elections to be held on May 21. However, the government had refused to hold elections in May stating it may lead to less people voting since many go on vacation.

In addition, another reason stated by the government is a staff crunch as many government servants have availed their leaves in May.

The elections are scheduled for June by the government to better prepare for it.

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