Abhinay Naik’s Flavorful Journey with ‘Ruch Ayli’


In the digital age, where social media has become a powerful platform for self-expression and creativity, Abhinay Naik, a Goan food enthusiast, has taken the opportunity to showcase the delectable flavors of Goa through his Instagram page ‘Ruch Ayli’. From humble beginnings to becoming a notable food blogger, Abhinay’s journey has been one of passion, dedication, and support from friends and followers. 

The Beginning of ‘Ruch Ayli’

Abhinay’s journey as a food blogger began in August 2019 during his university days when he and his friends engaged in animated discussions about various types of food. At that time, Goa lacked prominent food vloggers, and Abhinay saw the perfect opportunity to share his love for food with a wider audience. Thus, ‘Ruch Ayli’ was born, purely as a passion project.

Embracing Local Flavours

Unlike many mainstream food bloggers, Abhinay has kept ‘Ruch Ayli’ authentic and true to its essence. He focuses on exploring local food joints in Goa, where the true essence of Goan cuisine lies. Abhinay’s dedication to highlighting small food businesses has not only delighted food enthusiasts but has also contributed to the growth of local eateries.

Supportive Friends and Family

Throughout his journey, Abhinay’s friends have been a pillar of support, especially his close friend, Aniket Khanolkar, who has been there with him from the very beginning. When he first started, even his parents were unaware of his food vlogging adventures, but their recent discovery has only strengthened his determination to continue doing what he loves.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite the lack of sophisticated equipment and technical knowledge, Abhinay never let any challenge deter him from pursuing his passion. Initially, he faced difficulties in maintaining video quality with just an average camera phone, but with the help of his friends, he managed to create visually appealing content. He also taught himself video editing, a skill that has since become an essential part of his food blogging journey.

His Role Model

Abhinay finds inspiration in the renowned Portuguese football star, Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s story of hard work and discipline serves as a reminder that with determination, anything is achievable. Just like Ronaldo’s passion for football, Abhinay’s love for food and his willingness to experiment with local delicacies have made him stand out in the world of food blogging.

Future Aspirations

Although Abhinay prefers working solo in his food vlogging ventures, he remains open to collaborating with fellow bloggers and content creators in the future. Such collaborations have the potential to bring diverse perspectives and exciting content to his audience.

Message to Goans

In conclusion, Abhinay Naik’s story is one of courage, determination, and pursuing one’s passion. His message to all Goans to follow their hearts, give their best, and not worry about the outcome resonates with those who strive to achieve their dreams. Through ‘Ruch Ayli,’ Abhinay has not only discovered his love for food blogging but has also become an influential figure in promoting Goan cuisine and supporting local businesses. As he continues his journey, Abhinay will undoubtedly inspire many others to embrace their passions and carve their unique paths in life.