Panjim to Dabolim Airport for 100 Rupees. Too good to be true?

The irony of traveling by flight to neighboring states has always been that often the cost of getting to the airport is almost as expensive as the ticket to Maharashtra or Karnataka. For instance, a flight to Pune in the first week of April 2019, will cost an average of Rs. 2500. The trip to the airport, however, could cost Rs. 1500 to 1800. But what if you could travel to the airport for a fraction of the cost? That’s where the Kadamba Airport Shuttle comes in.

Trial and error

For a while now, the airport shuttle has existed through changing times and schedules, but due to poor response and opposition from local taxi drivers, the service has been forced to resign. That is until now, where there has been a resurgence in the operation, with the addition of extra routes and buses to ferry travelers across various time bands. This means that there is no longer a ‘one time fits all’, forcing the service to become redundant owing to long wait times.

Easy access for most

airport shuttle scheduleThe air-conditioned Volvo buses will now ply six times a day from Calangute and Panjim to the Dabolim airport and back. At a rate of just Rs. 100 from Panjim and Rs. 150 from Calangute, the ticket price is a fraction of the cost of a taxi ride. To ensure a guaranteed seat on the bus, airport shuttle tickets can also be booked online at and Though there is only a single pickup point for Panjim, the main KTC bus stand, there are a few options if traveling from Calangute. Ticket holders can choose to board the Calangute bus from the KFC roundabout near the taxi stand, the Calangute football ground, or the popular Dolphin Circle in front of St. Alex Church.


What do you think of this service? Do you think it’s convenient? Let us know in the comments below.

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31 thoughts on “Panjim to Dabolim Airport for 100 Rupees. Too good to be true?”

  1. This is awesome news. Too long have such options been held hostage by taxi drivers and such, who have staved off options like Ola and Uber so that they can continue to charge unreasonable amounts as cab fare . Sometimes i wonder if the govt. even cares that this state has become less and less tourist friendly over the years!

  2. Keep going and spreading this service Kadamba, we are being fleeced by the cabbies. Looking forward to a margao service as well

  3. We are frequent traveler to Goa and always felt that autos and cabs are looting you. Last month we saw this bus just outside the airport but we were going to South Goa. App based ” Goa Miles” cabs are hard to get. Hopefully, Goa govt will introduce Volvo bus service to other parts of Goa, particularly to South Goa.

  4. Can there be some more stops in the middle …like one at GMC and one at Cortalim …just for example…
    Secondly do we have to book in advance or can we just go and use the services ?

  5. What about any buses to south Goa, for example AIRPORT TO MADGOAN. This too will help many tourists and frequent flyers like me

  6. This is an excellent initiative, the first of many Goa tourism is in need of. I would suggest the schedule of the buses to match with flight schedules. This initiative needs to be agressively marketed within and outside Goa. Also similar bus arrangements to railway stations will boost the tourism industry.

  7. The service is very essential to the tourist as well as locals.
    It is a good initiative.

  8. I am planning to visit in June. It is good in terms of price. Unfortunately I will not able to experience it because I will reach airport at 7pm. Any way good for the others who will be benefited by it

  9. It should had been started a long time before finally people would be able get rid of these hefty charging autos and cabbies. This step is seriously going to benefit the locals and especially tourists lesser or frequently visiting the city. One of the fine decisions being taken by tourism department.

  10. Yes it is very convinient for the passengers. Also it is very helpful for the business people who come for the business. St anthony chapel is also should be the waiting point.

  11. Thank you kadamba for this xcellent service. The cabbies sure fleece us. Your service will teach them a lesson. Fantastic service to the people of Goa. 😀😀👿👌👍

  12. This is a great initiative. The online booking option is a great convenience. Pls ensure the schedules are maintained to build reliability. Should work, as it did during the most recent (yes, again) taxi strike

  13. Yes…it’s definitely a great initiative…taxis are taking total advantage…but only calangute and panjim??? Margao people don’t deserve a bus???? I think kadamba should do 1 to margao asap.

  14. If Goa Government intends to operate this service for convenience of people then they must stop the menace of taxi operators by registering cases against them for obstruction to public service. This is indeed a very good endeavour which must be patronised by public without fear

  15. Long overdue…..good iniciative and a good start by the goa government…. Time to act against the taxi Mafia..I hope this is just the beginning ,all the railway station also should be similarly connected by these services

  16. Great initiative, it’s going to be very helpful for tourists.Travellers can avoid looters(taxies) making use of this.

  17. Good Start.! Need to provide bus service from Ponda also it will be more convenient for goans and tourists.

  18. Very nice initiative. But how long this system works, and how effective this service is going to work, we have to wait and watch. Concept is great….

  19. Its good for customers but how about the locals that do business with cabs and auto .
    Tourism is not only for tourists its also for the benefit of locals regardless of what kind of business ur running.

    1. What locals doing business? Most of the locals are hiring immigrant drivers to do their job. People wanting to use taxis are being fleeced too much. It’s difficult to afford to travel freely in Goa. Why can’t we have Uber or Ola and make life easy for everyone. We could visit our family and friends living far, more often. The taxi owners are very selfish. They want to sit at home and earn money susegad at the cost of others.

  20. Waiting at the airport right now for the shuttle. No bus stop. No signage. Have been standing for over half an hour. Helpline makes some excuse about a traffic jam. Any idiot will know that roadworks are going on and would find a solution. Uneducated taxi drivers do, but not the corporation. Slipshod management. Norhing to brag about, Goa.

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