This place has worked on the right combination for mind, body and soul… it is a heavenly cove for rejuvenation. Nestled up on a hill with a breathtaking view of the sea and swaying coconut palms, is the picturesque Alcove. The ambience is sophisticated yet rustic. You can sit there breathing in the salted sea breeze as your mind reaches into its inner recesses and finds peace away from the hectic pressures of day to day living. And when your body craves some nourishment, start with a simple Mojito great muddling to whet the appetite when your physical state surfaces with its pangs of hunger. Then dine on Chilled Avocado and Prawn Salad, or get stuffed with the Prawn Stuffed Calamari. Want something lighter? With the Batter Fried Calamari….

The airy feeling between the batter and the squid could leave you feeling suspended. There is no rush, no pressure in a hurried meal. They also have a wide range of multi-cuisine delicacies to tempt even the most fastidious palate. Diners of all nationalities feast on Baked Rock Crabs, Alcove’s specialty or perchance the Kingfish in white wine sauce. But if you are in the desi mode then Alcove has old favourites too, like Mutton Kofts Roll or our very own Prawn Caldin. And when your body has had its fill, tempt your senses with a sweet finale. Let your soul find fulfillment in a choice of Dutch Apple Pie and Lemon Cheese Cake… it is heaven on earth. Why wait for an after life if you can do it here.


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