Can You Pass ‘The Identity of Alorna Fort’ Test?

Alorna Fort, which is also known as ‘Halarn Fort’, is one of the oldest fortresses in Goa.

It is located in Mapusa city of Goa. This Fort was built by Bhonsles, a protuberant warrior clan who ruled various states in India.

The fortress was established during 17th century for safeguarding towards the assaults from Maratha rulers. Alorna Fort offers exceptional sight of the close by river and land. However, at present, the fort has become a deserted area and is occupied with wild vegetation.

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Alorna Fort Architecture
The structure of the Fort is primarily based on an exclusive defence system to prevent attacks from Maratha. Traditionally, there used to be about four cannon stations, however, at present only two cannon stations can be visible.

Although at present, the citadel is in poor condition, nevertheless the scenic beauty enroots the key issue of the Fort. The surroundings of the fortress are pretty breath-taking. From the Fort, lengthy fields and the stunning highlands can be observed.

From many other constructions, there remains only one individual building inside the Fort and also no inhabitants are found nearby. There is additionally a deep well that can be found in the Fort.

In the fort there was once a range of watchtowers, however currently solely two watchtowers in the front facet of the fortress are undamaged. The watchtowers in the lower back facet of the fortress have vanished completely. In the front facet of the fort, there is Chapora River and at the other side of the fort, there are inexperienced paddy fields.

The fortress is currently included in the listing of protected memorials, known by the authorities of Goa. However, the government authorities have no longer taken any strong measures to restore it.

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Alorna Fort History
Alorna Fort is one of the most necessary historic heritages of Goa. It is above three centuries old.

Although it was built by Bhonsles, however in the sequence of events it was taken by various rulers within a short time. Bhonsle’s have engaged in a several combats through this Fort against Portuguese intruders.

The first Portuguese intruder of Alorna Fort was Marquis. He took over the fort in the year 1746. Marquis also obtained a new acknowledgement over his triumph on Alorna Fort where Bhonsles titled him as ‘Marquis of Alorna’.

However, his rule over the Fort was pretty brief as in the year 1781, Dom Frederico Guilherme, another Portuguese ruler attacked the citadel and took control over it.

Later, a number of Portuguese rulers took benefit of the role of the Fort in particular to safeguard themselves from the assaults of Maratha.

At present, the Fort have become a ruined place which had witnessed various other invasions in the past centuries.

The cannon stations which are presently viewable in Alorna Fort demonstrates the defence mechanism of the traditional time. According to archaeologists, Alorna Fort repeats about the detriments made by the defenders of the fort who died while fighting against the intruders.

Alorna Fort Significance

Alorna Fort has prosperous history, however at present it is in a decrepit condition. Nevertheless, it is an accurate area to find out the tradition structure and to enjoy the fascinating beauty.

Alorna Fort is located in remarkably charming location where travellers can oversee the Chapora river. Furthermore, visitors can additionally acquire impressive view of Goa alongside with lavish greenery from the Fort.

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