Andores Resort & Spa: Serenity within the chaos of Calangute


Calangute has to be the busiest and most chaotic village in North Goa. It’s known for being home to most of Goa’s famous nightlife, numerous hotels and a variety of restaurants. Locals say that the village has reached its saturation point as far as the building of hotels goes. And yet somehow, there is always a new one coming up somewhere in the vicinity. Take the newly built and recently opened Andores Resort & Spa. A luxury boutique in the heart of Calangute that’s ready to give you a fantastic holiday and will leave you wanting more.

Andores Resort & Spa – A cultural symphony of architecture, design, landscape, wellness, and rejuvenation

Andores Resort & Spa is an upscale boutique resort located 5 minutes from the wildly popular Calangute beach. In fact, as the General Manager Joel Fernandes mentioned, one can walk down the road to the beach. This is a key selling point for the hotel management looking to attract quality tourists to Goa.

Conceptualised and built by Managing Director, Edgar Afonso and his team, the resort is simply gorgeous. The architecture is Western with Goan and Portuguese elements in almost every aspect of the design. Mr. Edgar Afonso’s passion for luxury houses is clearly seen here. His taste for nostalgia, a keen eye for the classic, and an acute attention to detail is brought out in the simplicity of the design of Andores Resort & Spa. Set against the backdrop of gently swaying palm trees and beautifully landscaped lawns, Andores Resort & Spa easily makes one feel like they are in some Mediterranean country.

As Mr. Afonso says, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our endeavor is to give our guests a unique experience of space, comfort, great food experience and a sense of holistic well-being and calmness.”

Mr. Edgar Afonso, Managing Director and the GM, Mr. Joel Fernandes (background) at the media interaction held at Andores Resort & Spa

The intimate details about Andores Resort & Spa

Tourism is said to be Goa’s main source of revenue. With the beautiful beaches, nightlife, and different kinds of cuisines, people flock to Goa all through the year. Goa gets all kinds of tourists. From those looking for an affordable holiday to the ones that spend lavishly, there are hotels for everyone. In fact, sometimes it’s confusing for people looking to come to Goa as the choice of hotels is overwhelming. However, when one sees Andores Resort & Spa, it’s almost as though the resort chooses you.

This 25 room property, set on 2 beautiful acres is really something to behold. As one enters the reception, they are greeted by pleasant staff and offered a welcome drink. Walk out onto the lawns, the brilliant blue pool greets visitors, inviting them to either dip a toe in or immerse themselves fully.

Rooms with a view

All of the resorts beautifully designed Deluxe Premium rooms face the pool. A definite plus as every tourist on holiday wants a room with a view. The rooms come with all the amenities expected at a resort of this standing. The bed is equipped with a 10-inch mattress, giving one the feeling of sitting or even sleeping on a cloud. The rooms also have attached bathrooms with a shower option; no bathtubs. Andores Resort & Spa can also boast of having a handicapped friendly room. However, this needs to be booked in advance as there is just one of these on the property.

The rooms at the resort are all Deluxe Premium rooms. Each one is tasteful and simple in its design.
The Pillow Library

It’s an option that’s not really heard of in other hotels and resorts in Goa. The Pillow Library. Traveling and sleeping in a room that’s unfamiliar can be an unpleasant experience for some. More often than not, the pillow one sleeps on plays a big part in comforting and reassuring a traveler that all will be ok. Andores Resort & Spa offers the option of choosing the kind of pillow one wants to sleep on. The resort offers the options of Down & Feather King pillows, Ball Fibre pillows, Cervical Pillows, Ruby Ultra Soft Pillows, Buckwheat pillows and Memory Foam pillows.

Eating on holiday at Andores Resort & Spa

Eating on holiday is something that is expected. Andores Resort & Spa has two great restaurants within the property. One is the specialty restaurant DIVA which serves a world-class and sophisticated Italian menu. Chef Ritu Dalmia and her team recently launched this superb restaurant in Goa. The other in-house restaurant, aptly named Cinnamon, serves some flavorful and delectable Indian and Goan delicacies.

Cinnamon at Andores Resort & Spa offers a mouthwatering menu with a choice of Goan or Indian cuisine.
Other special facilities offered up

Andores Resort & Spa allows one to pick from two outdoor venues for lavish private gatherings or destination weddings. An eclectic Pop Up store with handpicked arts and crafts that resonate with the Andores state of mind, makes for mood shopping. And The Lounge for quiet conversations, or, reading getaways with books on art, travel, heritage, and design at the library. The Lounge can also be used as a party venue given its proximity to the terrace which allows for an overspill of guests.

The beautiful lawns at the resort can hold up to 300 people for a party.

The Kera Spa housed in a typical Saraswat Goan home setting offers Ayurveda inspired by eastern, western and signature treatments, designed to help guests relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Including Yoga sessions by local experts, and an in-house Gymnasium to foster healthy living, even on holidays. Both the Kera Spa as well as the gymnasium are yet to become operational. This should happen closer to the beginning of the tourist season in Goa.

Says General Manager, Mr. Joel Fernandes, “We are an independent boutique hotel with personality. Our strength lies in being exclusive, yet familiar, bespoke, yet warm, giving our guests space to wind down, discover Goan hospitality, appreciate good taste, and be conscious travelers at the same time.”

So if one is looking to get away from the rat race, check out Andores Resort & Spa for your next trip to Goa. It’s your home away from home. Check out the website for more details.