There is now a liquor ban in Surla village in North Goa


Goa is known as the state with the ‘Sosegado’ state of mind. The land of parties, great food, affordable liquor and overall good times. But with liquor being sold at such low prices, it’s no wonder that the tourists coming into the state, sometimes tend to be unruly and troublesome. Candolim, Calangute, Baga are known to be Goa’s hottest spots for tourists to descend upon, looking for a great time. But what about the lesser known places in Goa like the famous churches and temples? The village of Surla in North Goa is one such place. It is the location of the famous Mahadev Temple. This is a 12th-century Shaivite temple of the Lord Mahadeva and an active place of Hindu worship. It is notable as the oldest temple in Goa, India.

But of late, the villagers have found that the tourists visiting, consume liquor and then behave in a horrifying manner. And for this reason, they had decided to shut down all the bars in the village.

Surla village shuts its bars and stops the sale of liquor

Surla lies in the Sattari taluka in North Goa, close to the border with Karnataka. The villagers from Surla alleged that tourists coming over the border were buying liquor in the village, consuming it and then interfering with their womenfolk. In Goa, the cost of liquor is cheaper than compared to other states.

About 10 days ago, the locals held a big meeting and put forth their grievances with the Panchayat. After a discussion on how the tourists buy liquor, consume it and behave badly with the locals, a decision was taken to seal all the bars in the village.

All the village taverns have been sealed for a period of 30 days as of now with the help of an order passed by North Goa collector Levinson Martins on Thursday. With effect from today, “All the liquor bars, shops, pubs, clubs, provision stores or any establishment serving or selling liquor or alcoholic beverages in retail or packed bottle in Surla within the Thane-Dongurli village panchayat area of Sattari taluka are hereby prohibited from selling liquor and all types of alcoholic beverages in retail or packed bottle/can from  July 20 onwards for a period of 30 days,” the order states.

Women and children refuse to venture outdoors

This is the first village in Goa ban the sale of liquor. According to the villagers, the troublemakers were generally young tourists, arriving in large groups, mostly during the monsoons. They would drink, harass the locals, including women and children and generally create a nuisance on the village roads. This has led to the women and children refusing to venture outdoors.

Martins issued the order under Section 29A of the Goa Excise, read with Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973.

It also further states that if anyone is found going against the conditions laid down, the owner of the establishment would end up with a canceled license. Additionally, he could face penal action for not adhering to the conditions of the order.

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This will be Goa’s First Village To Shut Down Bars to Stop Nuisance of Drunk Tourists

Levinson Martins prohibits sale of liquor in Surla