Situated in the north Goa district, lies a place which is so famous yet has the vibes of an old historic place. Anjuna is a party destination for hippies, locals and anyone who loves the music scene. One of the most beautiful beaches in Goa- Anjuna beach is perfect for those who love the sand and sea.

The locals in Anjuna are very friendly, they have their own businesses in the village which will cater to your needs as a tourist and also for those who want to explore this extravagant piece of land.

A question may arise to many who have been there as to why there aren’t many buildings or big houses in Anjuna. Ask a local and you will be told of the story that haunts their village for as long as they can remember. The curse that was given by a Goddess.

They do not dare to build big houses which have more than the ground floor or any more higher levels. It is said that a Goddess was passing through the village of Anjuna. She came with her palanquin and her guards. As she was passing a man from the second floor supposedly spat on her and therefore she cursed the people of the village that anyone who had higher levels to their houses would face misfortunes.

There are many who believe in this while there are those others who think it is just a myth and a folklore. Some of the grandparents in Anjuna will still warn you about it adding a few stories and references of their own to make the evidence stronger. But it is purely on one’s own whether to have a second floor or not to risk it and stay with whatever they have.