Adults too fly kites – Goa Kite-flying Festival

When we were young we all have surely had a kite or have seen one in the air. Everybody at that time thought they were the best at Kite flying. There were many different types of kites that could be flown. But today there are more! Kites of all shapes, sizes and colours and names. Playing with them as a kid was super fun, but do you think you still have the skill and capabilities to do it at a kite flying festival?

In Goa, the International Belgaum and Goa Kite flying festival was organised on the 20th and 21st at Colva beach and then on 23rd and 24th at Miramar beach. Supported by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the festival brought participation from across the globe.

International participants from countries like USA, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Russia, Malaysia, Netherlands, France and more participated. Kite flyers bonded and shared their experiences during this festival. Amongst the international kite flyers, our very own Indian kite flyers showed their efficiency in the sport too.

The best teams consisting of world champions came especially to Goa to witness and take part in the festival. Performing their various acts with the kites, not single but multiple at a time. A beautiful array of colours engulfed the skies as the kites attained greater heights.

Not only was the day colourful but the night was not forgotten. The specialty of the festival in Goa was the night kite flying where the contestants flew their kites at night, these kites were decorated with colourful lights to add to the amazing spectrum of colours.

Kite flying has definitely reached a whole new level, it’s not just a hobby anymore. Worldwide Competitions take place and people come from all the different parts of the world to participate in these events. It doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you have the technique and skill to fly a kite and do it professionally you can join the pros and take it to the skies.