Arambol Sweet water Lake – Directions, History, Significance


A short walk south from the famous Arambol Beach lies the Sweet Water Lake or the Blue Lagoon of Goa. It’s named Vagkolam! If paradise was indeed lost, this is where we’ve found it!

The Arambol Sweet Water Lake is a freshwater lake originating from the hot springs of the jungle simply like you have studied in the books or viewed in the movies. The lagoon emits inviting steam that calms you down even before you dive in and the surrounding greenery alongside the coconut groves makes for the perfect meditation spot.

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According to the official version, from time to time the sea floods the lake and “salts” its freshwater thus ruining the lake. The locals have addressed the government with petitions to build a restraining wall, and to renew and improve the territory around the lake. The Goans consider it as national property with important historical value. According to Hindu mythology, sources often make up history, so the value of Arambol Lake is reduced to the following legend: The Pandava brothers, during their long expulsion, had arrived at Arambol part of the Goan coast. Arriving at midnight, they were seemingly heard to be continuously chanting the words “Har Har Mahadev”. That’s where the name armal was born. Then, with the influence of the European languages, it was transformed to Arambol. Mahadev is a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. And the lake is called Vagkolam because two centuries ago in the caves nearby lived tigers.

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Its not only the legends, but beliefs and curious stories surrounding the Arambol Sweet Water Lake. For example, there are clay blocks nearby. The locals and tourists unanimously claim that this clay possesses magical health-improving properties. People moisten the pieces of clay in water, then rub their whole body with the bricks, wait for some time until it dries well and finally wash it off with lake water. They say that this clay contains the sulphides which help to cleanse the skin.

People come looking for this lagoon from places far away to simply soak their feet in the warm water or take a complete spiritual healing bath in it. The clay surrounding the river is said to possess mythical healing properties that seep into your system once basked in. There’s a great Banyan tree under which is the perfect meditation spot so reconnecting with your core is also a possibility.

If you can’t swim or choose to stay out of the water out of choice which is confusing but valid, you can always just sit and let the swaying coconut palms and green-and-orange shrubbery laden scenery soothe your nerves while the crisp jungle breeze tickles your nostrils, the sound of waves hypnotises you and the dragonflies create a pleasant distraction.

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Shacks and restaurants at Kalacha and Arambol Beach will also take care of your gustatory sense. You can choose from Indian and Continental menus, they deliver.

While you are at it, we also suggest that you invoke a little Karma and make a small donation to the money stone with the invocation that reads “Give if you can. Take it if you have to.”.

It’s not every day that you visit the lagoon with legendary qualities so come equipped with a lot of water and sunscreen. It’s unsurprisingly quite secluded. Besides, you’re going to have to do a lot of walking, so comfortable footwear is highly recommended. You can find the Arambol Sweet Water Lake by a small shoreline known as Kalacha Beach. It’s also just a short walk north from the Arambol Beach. A slightly trickier alternative is a footpath that starts at the Querim Beach. Or you could simply ask the locals!

Where: Arambol Sweet Water Lake, Paliyem, Goa 403524

Best time to visit: November to April