Benaulim Beach Goa – Directions, Activities, Nightlife, Shopping


Benaulim Beach Goa is situated about 2 kilometres from Colva. It is a fishing beach, which is known for its calm and peaceful environment. The Benaulim Beach in Goa seems to be the perfect location for tourists longing for tranquillity and serenity. Benaulim Beach is one of the fairly undiscovered beaches of Goa. Despite its being a fishing beach, domestic tourists are unaware of it. However, the beach gets crowded on certain occasions. Benaulim Beach of Goa gets crowded in the evenings when the travellers come to the site for a walk. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beach enables tourists to relax and rejuvenate their spirits. The beach also witnesses a huge crowd during the weekends.

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Activities at Benaulim beach Goa:
Beach activities here are no longer of a wide range however if you are searching for aloofness and peace, you’ll match proper in. If you choose to do some things then you can bring in the nets, help the nearby fishermen carry in the nets and unfold them on the seashore for drying. A proper photograph opportunity!

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Safety at Benaulim beach Goa:
Always Swim between Red and Yellow Flags, as this area is safe and constantly watched by the Lifeguards as undercurrents have been known to exist even though it is considered safe.
Red Flags means No Swimming, which means this beach is closed and dangerous.

Do not mix alcohol/Drugs with Swimming, as 80% of drowning victims are between the age of 20 to 40 and have consumed alcohol or drugs.

If in trouble, do not panic. Just raise one arm and wait for the lifeguard to rescue you.

Never Swim after Sunset.

Never Swim Alone.

Keep your cell phone in your language or hand it out to another person before going in the water.
In the case of crimes, victims are advised to report to the nearest Police Station.

How to Reach Benaulim beach Goa:
You can either hire yourself some transport or use public transport, there are lots of options available. For taxis, motorbike taxis and auto rickshaws you can nearly always find some available nearby and it’s best to negotiate the price before you get in. The nearest Train station is Margao Railway Station. To reach Benaulim from Madgaon, you can either take a local bus or taxi. If you planning to just have a ride then either take a Taxi, Cab or rent a Bike. So you can view the nearest beaches and other attractions.

38 km from Panaji – 58mins
23.5 km from Dabolim Airport – 45mins
6.3 km from Margao Railway Station – 12mins