Artjuna Lifestyle Shop and Café ties up with Patisserie Delicieux

Tucked away in the heart of Anjuna, in the sunny beach state of Goa, lies a special place called Artjuna Lifestyle shop and café. Artjuna was established in a beautiful old Goan house with a pretty garden. In all its years of existence, the café has evolved into a popular place. There is an outdoor café, a space for events and even kids play area, making it worth a visit. And now, the café has tied up with Patisserie Delicieux to bring you a delectable selection of French baked goodies to tickle your taste buds.

About Artjuna Lifestyle Shop and Café

Artjuna was dreamt up by Moshe Inbar and his wife. They wanted to create a space for his workshop and exhibiting his special handmade leather bags. Along with these items, there are belts, pouches and lovely jewelry designs. But Artjuna was not just meant to be a place to shop. It was created to bring together an artistic community to showcase their work as well as have a place to sit, chill and talk. In the last 10 years, the place has evolved into something more beautiful. Moshe and his wife Anastasia have developed a beautiful range of different products for the Artjuna Lifestyle Shop.

Besides the above-mentioned items, the shop also has a big variety of home interiors, mosaic lampshades, and hammocks as well as products of other designers from all over the world.


The Artjuna Garden Café in partnership with Patisserie Delicieux

Artjuna’s Garden Café is beautiful. It’s a lively and vibrant place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The garden is lush and gorgeous, surrounded by mango trees and frangipani trees. The café serves some delicious and healthy food. You can even chill out there for the entire day while reading a book from their excellent library.

The food is fresh and contemporary with items like salads, sandwiches and other tasty dishes from the Mediterranean region. And now they have added Patisserie Delicieux’s wonderful desserts and savory baked items to the menu with this brand new partnership.

Patisserie Delicieux

Patisserie Delicieux is well-known to most people in Goa. It was launched in Goa in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Varun Sood and Lucie Masson. In wanting to give the Goan community a high-quality pastry and cake selection, they sure have delivered. The French styled bakery specializes in creating mouth-watering desserts.

It’s important to note that Patisserie Delicieux makes all their desserts with the finest of natural ingredients. They do not use preservatives, premixes or any other artificial ingredients. With Artjuna’s menu of organic and natural foods which they promote with pride, the desserts are a perfect complement.

Artjuna will stock 11 best selling varieties of Patisserie Delicieux’s desserts. This includes Eclairs Chocolate, Eclairs Caramel, Choux Vanilla, Choux Caramel, Chocolate Ganache Tart, Lemon Tart, Opera, Rocher Praline, Fruit Tart, Orange Truffine and Paris Brest.

Check out some of the amazing desserts that will be available at Artjuna.

Fruit Tart Image credit – Blurb Goa
Choux pastries Left – Vanilla flavor and Right – Caramel flavor Image credit – Blurb Goa
Paris Brest
Image credit – Blurb Goa
Chocolate Ganache tart and Lemon Tart
Image credit – Blurb Goa

With this amazing partnership between Artjuna and Patisserie Delicieux, the combination of Mediterranean food and French styled desserts is a match made in heaven. Patisserie Delicieux focuses on great flavor combinations, unique French bakes. They even add an innovative twist to classic cake recipes. And of course like all great bakeries, they also make premium cakes for special occasions.

Treat yourself

Make a trip to Anjuna, find Artjuna, which is also a hub for expats and try out the great selection of dishes, coffee, juices, smoothies and now desserts from the team at Patisserie Delicieux. This is the only outlet where the desserts are available. Artjuna is open for all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.  The place remains open in the monsoons too. They also have some great activities like mixed martial arts, yoga classes, movie nights. Or you could just pick up a book to chill with from the well-stocked bookshelf.

For more information please visit Artjuna’s website and social media handles:

Information credit – Blurb Goa


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